Monday, December 27, 2010

Freeway face-off

Yesterday, while lounging around at home, I recieved a text from my sister asking if I want tickets to the Kings game, of course that was a quick yes. Two great seats, free parking and VIP to the Lexus Club, SWEET!

I invited a friend, who is a die hard Kings fan like myself. And in front of a standing-room-only crowd the Kings did not disappoint, winning 4-1 over the Ducks, in their second meeting this season.

The first period was all defense from both teams and with a 0-0 ending of the period, we knew both teams had to step up the shooting on net. In the second, with fans still not in their seats from dining, the Kings scored first, but 32 seconds later they gave up a goal that tied the game 1-1.

After though, the Kings went on to score three goals in the second period and shut down the Ducks the rest of the way.

The Kings are now three points ahead of the Ducks, but they still have a long way to prove themselves and the playoffs again.

I have to say though, it was nice to see the crowd so packed at Staples Center for a hockey game and hopefully it will continue.

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Martin leaves to stay catcher?

Martin could have stayed a Dodger and played as a utility player so at the end of the season he wouldn't have been beaten up.

But he left, and for what, roughly an additional one million dollars to play as a Yankee. In order for him to qualify for extra incentives (totaling 5.4 million) he will have to play 120 games behind the plate. If he had stayed a Dodger, he could play any position (140 games) to earn 5.3 million. I love Russell, but do any of you actually think he will be able to play those 120 games without the hip injury flaring up or receiving another injury?

I can't see it happening, I know he played more then that total when healthy as a Dodger before last season, but we all seen how worn down he was at the end.

He slumped really bad in the 2009 season only batting .250 with seven homeruns and 53 RBI's. and last season he only played 97 games due to his hip injury. The games he did play he batted .248, 5 homeruns and 26 RBI's.

The Yankees might be in a pickle too, if they want to have Martin as their starting catcher. They still have top prospect Jesus Montero, who they may trade, but I think it be a good idea to keep him on the roster if Martin can't come through.

Yankees previous catcher, veteran Jorge Posada will be assigned as designated hitter, while two other catchers besides Martin and Montero will be fighting for a roster spot come spring training.

To that, I say farwell Martin and I do hope for the best in his carreer, because one thing I loved to see him do was play awesome defense behind the plate, but if he will regain that we just have to wait and see.

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Can I say thank you...

Where do I begin..well I officially sent my last four essays a few hours ago and I am done with school for the 2010 year.

I had a blast this semester, with of course some minor difficulties with people around me. I also met some amazing people! Some not so much and sadly those few will be around, but I have to go with the flow and remember I am better then what they may think.

This semester couldn't have worked out with the support of my family and close friends I have in my life and well you guys should know who you are.

Some of you, I just grew attached to this semester and I am so thankful that you guys were here for me during my rough patches, whether it was school or personal you stuck by through thick and thin. We had so many laughs and shed a few tears, but true friends always stay together.

I know at times we might have annoyed each other, but we let it go and worked things out.

I truly believe I grew up this semester (besides the certain days in the newsroom) I had emotions that I haven't had in a long time, I found myself drawing conclusion about things I knew, and I learned to let go when the time wasn't right.

I will miss those of you, who will not be back next semester, but I know we will stay in touch and those that I will see, lets make our last semester memorable. And for those of you not graduating next semester I will make sure you will miss me when I leave LOL..

Again thank you, my rocks in my life and my mentors in some way.

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Going to fast

I'm sitting here searching the Internet and well I stopped to think, wow I am almost done with school.
I have had by far an amazing three semesters at Cal State Northridge, even though it has been tough the last two semester, I enjoyed every minute of it.
This semester, being assistant sports editor has kept me really busy, but the rewards of getting a story out for people to read has been awesome.
I've been fortunate that in the past two weeks I've been to UCLA, and Cal Berkeley. At those games I photographed the games, which I prefer doing then writing and I'm loving it.
I realize though, I have to write to become a better journalist. I am determined to do more as well as taking more photos at sporting events
Well blogging family I have three more weeks and school will be over. Hopefully I will be writing more on here when I am done.

Saturday, November 13, 2010

UCLA..Pauley Pavilion

Yesterday was the first time I walked into Pauley Pavilion at UCLA, I know as a sports fanatic, why haven't' I been there before? I don't know, but I now can say I went.

When I walk into any sports arena I feel like a child in a candy store, they are filled with so many stories of triumphs and struggles. And to be part of that for just a moment is an incredible feeling.

I was more in awe of being in a place where John Wooden, the greatest college basketball coach to live, won all those championships and led players into becoming great professional NBA players.

As soon as I walked in I went down to the court, so I can take photos for the Daily Sundial.
Looking up at all the championship was cool.
Then when the UCLA fans came out and starting their chat of U. C. L. A. brought chills down my back.
The game on the other hand was a blow out for UCLA, who beat CSUN 83-50.
But at the end of the night I am blessed to have the abilty to do what I love and that is covering sports.

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Hi all

Wow looks like school has me tied down. I've been busy with school and for this reason i have not been able to write on my blog =( sucks, I know.

Being an assistant sports editor for the school paper, Daily Sundial, and another six classes is kicking me in the butt. The paper though, I am enjoying and learning a lot. Only thing is I haven't been able to write, with reporters to worry about and getting a page done, I'm not getting out on the field much.

The few times I have gone out though, has been a blessing. Just taking in a game and what is going on around the arena, is such an awesome feeling. Then after writing about it is a great. I should be happy I am getting out today for a hockey game to cover and take photos.

Speaking of photos, I am now taking pictures for an online site for the valley area, which is cool. I have always loved taking photos more then writing.
Well friends in the blog world, Kings game is on and I want to catch a the first period before I have to leave.

Hopefully I will talk to you soon

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Goodbye summer 2010

wow summer time went by so fast, to say that my summer was all fun and games, would be a lie. There were moments that were bad, but I have to say the good times weighed out the bad extremely.

This summer I continued to see my Dodger family and be present on major games to see the Dodgers play, this year though I think there was less events that occurred at the stadium hmm wonder why.

I also spent time with many friends old and new, I had many adventures with them, which made summer even more memorable.

Crazy nights with my girls as well as the nights I had with my guy friends.

My Tuesday's at the summer bar I chose to go to was amazing. I don't know how we made it out alive from there =)

Old town, Saturday nights in two weekends with my sister and friend was more wild because I don't think I ever danced like that in front of family!! very fun times.

Of course there was much much more, but I am running out of time and have to get to school.

Summer 2010, bye now and I can't wait till next summer where I hope to be a graduate with my BA.

Friday, August 6, 2010

Loney's signing... seems like it got crazy at end because there was so many people there

Today I woke up heading to the gym then came home to get ready to see James Loney at his signing he had in Bell.

Funny thing is I kinda got lost since I left home without the directions because, well I was excited, but I made it. wow was the line long I got there before 9am, but I had a friend in the front of the line waiting for me already.

Once again Loney was late, I would think he get use to the L.A. traffic and know to leave earlier then expected. While waiting for him I was chatting with fans that I have met and or heard of and finally got to meet them.
Finally around 12:25pm Loney's driver pulls up and parks.

The line was actually going pretty quick and as one of Loney's biggest fans I was getting nervous. I had my friend go in before me and then there he was he looked up seen me and yes recognized me and said "Hi" then I handed him my "got Loney?" shirt and the first thing he says is "Hey it's my shirt" I was like OMG (in my head) and said "yes I am getting a new one done" he said "Okay, do you want it in silver pen" I said yes and handed my sharpie to him.
Then said thank you and he said your welcome.
I LOVE HIM!! lol

I only got a few shots of him to bad we couldn't get photos with him, but with as big as that line was I'm just glad I got to see him and have a little chat with him!
I heard after when he did leave people were booing him, but hey he was suppose to sign for an hour which he did.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Need my dose of school

Missing the long drive, finding parking, and walking into a full room of fellow students trying to get an education, and a teacher that possibly can make the day worse or bad depending on the subject.

Aaahhh school.

Yes I miss it, I have been out of school for summer vacation since the second week of May, and we are in the start of July and I want to go back already.

I have always loved school and even though the college school life has been harder, I still love it.

This coming semester is going to be a real challenge for me. I will be entering this fall as a senior, wow already crazy, and like any student I want to graduate on time.

I am feeling really inspired in doing great and learning as much as I can this last year. I will be helping out my friend/editor on the sports page for the Daily Sundial, which I hope I can really help out and learn to put out a great sports page for other students to read.

I want to be able to continue my writing and of course get better at it. I have been writing on this blog, not as much as I like to and reading different sports stories. Right now though, I feel I haven't done enough to get better.

In addition, I have this weird interest in Anthropology, my minor, yes a journalist not minoring in anything remotely related to journalism, but hey if you know me I never do the expected.

With all the budget cuts and what-not, I have been limited to 13 units for now, but starting this coming Monday I can add one more class I need. Five classes in total I will have, can I do it? I hope so!

I also want to try and take a broadcasting class at ELAC, which just opened up. You might think I'm crazy, but now is the time to see what I can accomplish and figure out what I am really good at.

This year at CSUN I have to establish and set my goal in stone on what I want to do in life, which will help my succeed in the world out side of school.

Sounds scary, but living and doing what we love is what it is all about right?

The reason we make the long trips, sit in the classes where the professor may or may not put us to sleep, and where in the end our dreams are made, isn't that the reason we go to school?

At least that's what I think and why I love it.

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Dear Summer

Hi, wow have you been busy in the sports world. We had the Los Angeles Lakers winning their 16th championship and then after that the free agency began.
We have Shannon Brown opting out of his contract to look else where, Jordan Farmar looking for other home so he can possible be a starter and Derek Fisher becoming an free agent as well.
And that's just the Lakers, we have the biggest free agent in Lebron James and if he was going to stay in his hometown of Cleavland or leave else where to try and win a championship for him self. He made his decision on live television in an hour show on ESPN where he announced he was leaving Cleavland to the Miami Heat with Dayne Wade and Chris Bosh, which both had just signed with the Heat.
Now just recently Fisher has decided to talk to Pat Riley to see about possibly signing with the Heat too, will he really leave the Lakers and become a trader to L.A. fans? well we will know soon enough.

There was the World Cup that just ended with Spain winning the first time. This was pretty crazy seeing the fans and how they get. Unfortunately I never got involved with seeing any on the games, just seeing reports on facebook and the newspaper. Congrats to you Spain.

Baseball is in full effect and now starts it's second half the end of this week.
The All-Star game is here in California and the festivities around Anaheim have been great.
Four Los Angeles Dodgers made with, Andre Ethier in his first every All-Star game will be a starter for the National League, Johnathan Broxton was named again and just making it the end of this weekend was Rafual Furcal as a reserve and Hong-Chih Kou.
After that the race will be on to who will make the post season. Right now in the American league the New York Yankees lead by two games in the East, Chicago White Sox lead only by a game and half in the Central, and the Texas Rangers are up by four and half to the Angels.
In the National League, Atlanta Braves are on a roll with a four game lead in the East, the Cincinnati Reds lead St. Louis only by one in the Central, and San Diego only leads by two with Colorado Rockies and Dodgers trailing only by two games.

There is many more things going on that will occur and unravel as the summer months fade away.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

I am not bored just want to look different sometimes

When you see me I am a quiet person that listens and really soaks in the surroundings among me. I doubt you guess all the art work and body piercings I have.
Once I became free from an ex of mine I have gone to another level in life. Not saying it was all him since that has been over for so long, but it was the start of my desire of tattoos.
Only because when I was with my ex, one thing he didn't allow me was to add to my two I had on my body already.
Now some years after I have only six (getting ready for the seventh) and added to my fascination of art is body piercing too.
I like to say once I get bored in my life I like to get a tattoo or piercing maybe even do something with my hair, but the thrill of that slight pain on my body just does something to me.
I get excited to know that my tattoo is something meaningful to me and only me and it will forever be a part of me like a child.
My parents have nothing to say about my tattoos, they actually like them. My mom has even gone with me to add one to her ankle. My father just ask where his name is on my body. Chill dad it's coming.
That tattoos I have now are just remembrance of new beginnings, family support, freedom, love for fire/red and even my love for my Dodgers with my heart always bleeding blue.
My piercing on the other hand are just ways for me to be bold like a rock that can't be hurt yet looking different as you pass it by.
I recently had my lip pierced, which I can say is cool. I have this extra attention in which I am like wow okay this is good, but how long will I have it?
As a journalist I have to interview many people and meet many too so will it be weird to be fully in a conversation when the person on the other side might be wanting to ask their own question on why I have a whole in my lip.
I am still young and living life to the fullest and can honestly say I want to experience as much as I can even it is does mean having a little pain inflicted to my body, who knows what I will be craving art or hole I will want next.

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Baseball, pitchers needed!!!

Today we have starters, relievers, set-up-man and the closer. What happen to the days where it was just one or two that can finsh a game?
The Dodgers had a four run lead going into the 8th, Clayton Kershaw pitched a great 7innings, now tell us Joe why you took him out? I have begun to appreciate the past pitchers, who were able to pitch complete games on a daily basis.
Now baseball has a pitcher for about six/seven innings then a set-up-man for the closer in the 9th.
Dodger closer Johnathan Broxton pitched four times in five games, which is said why he blew the game on Sunday because he was tired. This is really frustrating with Major League Baseball babying their pitchers now.
Really why can't one pitcher pitch the whole game? Is the only reason really have to do with them having longer careers and not blowing out their arms?
It is now a praised reward when a pitcher has a complete game, when this was something that was always done.
Relievers are not suppose to be pitching on a day-to-day basis either, are you kidding me.
Because of this many teams rely on getting pitching that can last, but some teams like the Dodgers won't put up the money for a good one even thought they need it. Is it that worry some for a club to pay for a pitcher that may or may not pitch to their standards?
Young pitchers like Tim Lincecum or a Kershaw have potential to pitch a complete game.
Clubs should try to see what their pitchers can do before they take them out.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

debating to stay!!

I recently passed the upper division writing exam at CSUN and I am very happy because that is one less thing to worry about at school. Registration for the fall just started and I’m stressing on if I am going to get the classes I need. It sucks not to know if I will have a set schedule that will be flexible enough for work. I think I paid my dues by closing and working weekends. The whole budget cuts probably will affect me this semester with the school cutting class section for me to graduate on time.
That’s annoying, I just received a letter that my graduation check is done and I am a senior, yet my goal to graduate next spring 11 might not happen unless I take more units. I am capable to do this, but the decision to stay on the paper at CSUN is now an even bigger question mark. I’m already debating on staying, but now if I have to take more classes I need time to focus on them. The paper took a lot of my time last semester and hence I got two C, the first time in 3 years, it was sad. I felt a great disappointment in myself all those years and being in the Deans Honor role gone just like that. I told myself I will do better this semester, but will I?
This time around I might just have to cut my hours at work, this means working more hours this summer, and balancing my time with friends and enjoying a vacation might be slim. Uh this is going to be haunting me until I register for my classes, which is in two weeks.
Other than that life seems to be taking a new direction or at least I hope it is. Well I am watching the Dodger game I will write more on my change tomorrow.
Bye for now……

Friday, June 18, 2010

World Champion Lakers!

Waking up this morning and knowing the Los Angeles Lakers are once again champions stops that mouth watering feeling in Laker fans months after wanting this all season long.
Yesterday as my friends and I left to watch the game in downtown our original plan didn't work with the sports bar filled to capacity at 4pm. My friend lucky found a spot right next to L.A. Live where we stayed to watch the whole game.
The section we were in was the most loudest in the restaurant while people were lined up right outside watching the one television in the place. The atmosphere felt as if we were inside staples center cheering on the home team, chatting of "defense, defense" and "lets go Lakers."
For the most part I was quiet and just focused on what in front of me, the Lakers offensive rebounding keeping them in the game and Kobe Bryant struggling in the first half. Then the second half when the Lakers came back from being down 13 points everyone was going crazy.
The bartender had to yell at a few fans and warn them that she will kick them out, during timeouts the guys next to us were jugging beers, and fans outside were hitting the window. That final 3:20 minutes were heart wrenching.
The Lakers won their 16 championship title and over their hated Boston Celtics what a sweet ending.
Outside was a site I didn't think I get to see, I seen what goes on usually on TV but this year being in the mix was a whole different experience. Stepping outside cops were already lined up in the street not allowing fans to go to staples center. Everyone jumping up and down, screaming, and pushing ever which way.
Fires being lit, cars and building getting vandalized its crazy all this going on and everyone with their smart phones and cameras recording it. The news says it wasn't that bad as past years, with just one car being put on fire and not many arrest.
All-in-all it was great night with the Lakers winning back-to-back once again.

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Not so sunny in L.A

Here we are in June and the almost half way through the baseball season and one-to-two games away for the basketball season to end.
The Dodgers got swept by their cross town rivalries the Anaheim Angles and even though some will say the Angles showed the Dodgers who really is the L.A. team, come on really the Angles started as a minor league team and now are all the way in the OC not L.A.
I can't believe their owner is trying to justify them being an L.A. team too.
Anyway the Dodgers lost big on Friday with a 10-1 loss, Saturday they lost 4-2 and today they went was short of a come back losing 5-4.
Hopefully they bounce back and start winning again on the road, which starts on Tuesday.
Andre Ethier since being back hasn't done anything, but it's not only him the offense left over 16 men in scoring position during this three game series.
Okay enough about that lets go on to the Lakers, who just lost game 5 to the Boston Celtics 92-86.
The Lakers are now in a very must win situation on Tuesday or they can kiss their season good bye and hand over another championship to the Celtics.
Today's game the Celtics again dominated and the Lakers offense didn't show up at all.
Kobe Bryant once again was the only one doing anything and not other starter or the bench stepped up.
Game 6 is on the line now will the Lakers come out and be the team everyone knows they can be? or just let the game go let the Celtics walk off in glory?

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Freeway series is upon us..Dodgers keeping it in the family!

Starting tomorrow the Dodgers will play host to their interleague rivals from the Southland the Anaheim Angels, not Los Angels team because we all know there is just one L.A. team. The Dodgers as of now have the best record in the National league.
Pitching in the three game series, the Dodgers will start two rookies.
The series starts Friday with Chad Billingsley (6-3) who will face Joel Pineiro (4-6). On Saturday, Angels lefty Scott Kazmir opposes John Ely, and on Sunday the Angels send Jered Weaver against rookie Carlos Monasterios.
The Dodgers split the series last season with the Angels and overall are 33-41 in the series and are 20-17 at Dodger Stadium.
Lets hope the Dodgers can pull off some wins with the cross town team.
**Note the Dodgers daft Dre's younger brother Devon Ethier.
Andre Ethier's opposite makes Dodgers' 2010 draft a family affair

Sunday, May 30, 2010

Solvenia rivalry in the NBA playoffs

In the playoffs where the players play a lot more aggressive and with emotion things can get a little ugly sometimes.
In the Lakers/Suns series that ended yesterday there was more to add to the rivalry of the two men from Solvenia, Lakers guard Sasha Vujacic and Suns guard Goran Dragic.
It started in game five when Vujacic finally step up his defensive game, which he loves to play the pest and get under the skin of his defenders. He shut down Dragic, whom was frustrated after the game on how Vujacic closed him out.
During the game at Staples center there was some words exchange by the two and pushing. The two got technical fouls, which for Dragic was his first in his career.

After the game (see video) Vujacic tells the reporter how Dragic pushed him, but he did not retaliate on the matter.

He presses on how he didn't know Dragic when he was growing up in Solvenia and refers him to the kid on the other team. Granted the two are only about 2 years apart.
It is rumored that Dragic said the fact Vujacic left the Solvenia basketball to play else where was a bad choice and left bad terms with the team.
In yesterdays game six there was another incident in the fourth quarter were Dragic scored over Vujacic and went up to him and exchanged words again, Vujacic retaliation was not a good choice as he lifted up his arms and elbowed Dragic given Vujacic a flagrant-one foul that will be looked at more from NBA officials.

That altercation almost cost the Lakers the game as it became momentum for the Suns and a six point play and bringing the Suns within reach of a possible win.
Dragic went on a run of his own and stayed in the game where he had 12 points compare to the three he had the previous game.
Both players say there is don't know each other and not friends that's it, but the way they both went at each other tells a different story.
Fortunately for the Lakers they held on to the victory and Vujacic and the rest of the Lakers are looking for a repeat of the championship.
This rivalry though will continue to grow as long as both players stay healthy and stay in the league.
Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images

Monday, May 24, 2010

Lima Time

Since his sudden passing this Sunday of a heart attack I have read stories of remembering him as a team player, but what caught my attention was his giving back to the community, which is some thing the Dodgers are known for.
Granted I didn't watch the Dodgers during the 2004 season when Lima played, but I did hear of him and knew how energetic he was during games. Most importantly though he was a Dodger, and he loved playing as one.
What was impressive was he only played for the Dodger in such a short time, one
season going 13-5 and pitched a complete game of the National League Division series giving the Dodgers their first postseason win since 19888. With that he was a fan favorite.
In the past three weeks he was added to the Dodgers Alumni Association and he was going to be working with community relations making appearance at events the Dodgers have.
The biggest contribution was a summer baseball academy in Pasadena to help kids learn the game of baseball while having former players to help out.
It is sad that he wasn't able to enjoy teaching a game that he loves so much to others, but hopefully the Dodgers will do some thing to continue what he started.

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Don't stop believing

Okay so I think all Dodger fans know of the nerdy guy that sings Journey's song in the eighth inning of the games. He started singing last season and every game he is at they seem to get the camera on him while he performs and gets the fans laughing and entertained. He usually can be found in the lodge section for the most part.
That being said, I was at the game on Friday and seen him during an inning in the lodge, as the eighth inning approached to my surprise he was located in the bleacher seats in the reserved level. I was very curious as to why they moved him there, are they getting bored of him being at the same spot all the time and want to freshen up the performance like a concert show, or was it that so many fans know where he is at and get in front of the camera to get their few seconds on the jumbo tron?
Don't get me wrong he is entertaining for a good laugh, but really, and I think I said this last season, it does get boring and to watch one guy sing. I think a few other fans like to be shown on the jumbo tron and the Dodgers should do more then just move the guy from one section to other to sing a classic song played at Dodger Stadium.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Dodgers minor injuries and pitching

Unfortunately for the Dodgers their winning streak of nine games came to an end yesterday and for the most part it had to do with the struggling pitching they have. Last nights game the Dodgers brought to the mound Ramon Ortiz, who is ERA is 6.12, he has giving up 27 hits and 17 earned runs. Really Dodgers is this the best you can do for a fifth starter?
Are you really telling your fans that you can't afford a good starting rotation? granted Clayton Kershaw is coming around, John Ely hopefully is a God-send and that the others start improving, but if they don't where do we see the Dodgers coming into October?
Yes they have already made a push to keep a steady pace with San Diego and San Fransisco in the standing, but right now we have the pinkie injury of Andre Ethier and now this toe issue with Manny Ramirez, will the offense survive with them two out?

Hopefully this is something we can later laugh about, but come on Ned try and find some good pitching to go with the offense!

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

The best missed dunk every!

The NBA playoffs are under way and for some the games have been boring with not much challenge with the teams we thought would bring it. In light of that though basketball is an exciting fast pace game. Every move a player makes can be a highlight reel. Like this one by Shannon Brown, which made some people wow on what could have been.
I am a bring Laker fan but unfortunately due to work I was not able to watch the game last night and had to see this in the morning.
Brown all season long as entrained us with his solid defense and well amazing dunks too. He also was voted in to the all-star dunk contest.
Last night almost greatest dunk was missed midway through the fourth quarter by Brown. I like many other are amazed as how high and long that flight was to the
basket. He was so close
to making this the talk for years to come, well maybe it still will as they are saying to was the GREATEST MISSED DUNK EVERY!!!

Got to Love Kobe Bryant's expression

Sunday, May 16, 2010

I'm back! done with school

Hello again blogging world, it has been too long since I posted. I am now back, at least for awhile since I am out of school. Plus I need to continue my writing even though this won't be edited to perfection!
As for me I have just finished my first full year at Cal State Northridge. To say my second semester was great, well it would be a lie. Don't get me wrong it wasn't a totally disaster, and the good parts weigh out the bad, but there was something that didn't sit well with me.
Bad part- My college life I have met some great, smart, mature people and I have grown around them. This semester unfortunately I felt at times I was back in high school. It was the most uncomfortable/annoying thing I've had to face in such a long time and it almost ruined my college experience. To think that people can still act immature, be jealous, and plainly rude is sad. This was the worst part, to feel that I didn't belong in a place that was suppose to be like family and enjoyable. The workload wasn't great either, I'm disappointed in myself for not doing better in my classes, but hopefully this was a learning experience that I can get over and work on.
The good part- This was my first semester on the Daily Sundial (the newspaper on campus) It was a lot of work and times I did complain to my editor, but his patients with me and help made me a better writer. I covered a beat that I never thought I do, which was water polo and it was great and I enjoyed the experience. I met a few great people during my time on the paper and I'm happy to say I will be working with some them again next semester. My advisor as well as editor asked me back to be assistant sports editor. I don't know how well I will do and I know it is going to be a lot of work, but with the friends I made, I know we will help each other out. My friend/editor has been very helpful and encouraging even though he takes no credit in helping me be better, but he has.
I also have been interning at Fox Sports Net/Prime Ticket as a production intern and it has been great. I have learned how games and sports segments get on television. It is amazing how quickly all these people work and get exciting footage of games on TV.
I am back and now it is time for the Lakers run for another championship and the Dodgers to try and get farther into the post season.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Half way done!

I am on Spring Break right now and trying to get a real break. Believe me I need it. Last week was horrible, but I am now set on new sites and getting ready for crunch time at school, I only have 5more weeks ahhhhhh. After that though my time is on my Dodgers, Lakers and Kings, who just clinched a playoff spot since 2002. of course my friends that I miss so much, but understand why I go in hiding when I am in school. Guys I LOVE YOU!!!!

I will hopefully have more time to blog as soon as school is over since I have been doing so much writing at school.

Friday, February 19, 2010

Eric Gagne back!!

I wake up today waiting to leave for school when I check the news (sports) and see that the Dodgers were in talk to sing Eric Gagne, one of their best closer in history. Now to say I'm not happy would be a lie because I can't stand Broxton, since down the stretch he sucks!!!! The only thing is Gagne is 34, and was released that he was on steroids. We already have Manny Ramirez, who was suspended for it, now we have two former druggies!!! hmmm I don't know about that one. Time will tell if Gange will fill our void of having a closer that can get the save. He gets a one-year deal $500,000 and had a chance to add other $500,000 with how he performs during the season.

Lets hope GAME OVER can last!!!!

Friday, February 5, 2010

Dodgers at Boys and Girls Club

Sorry I am late on this post, but been busy with school.
Anyway I was going to head over to ESPN Zone Tuesday, since I am only 4 blocks away, but I decided at last minute it really wasn't worth no don't get me wrong seeing the Dodgers isn't a bad thing but I thought about it long and hard I seen all the players that were attending, have pictures with them, and most importantly have a few autographs by them, not just one. So why dig through everything I have and try to find something else for them to autograph?
That is what i decided plus homework!!!
well I also decided to head over to the boys and girls club that was by my house and have a few people I know there.
I headed over about an hour early before the players were suppose to arrive.
The Dodgers dream Foundation recently made the Boys and Girls Club on Pasadena Ave their 9th field out of 50 they plan on building around the community of L.A.
It is a very nice field, my parents and I waited, talked to some people, I pointed out Dodger personnel to my mom, then we heard the Dodgers were coming.

Tommy, Rudy Law, Kenny, Tommy Davis, and Andre passed me. I was gidding like a little girl myself awwww the Boys in Blue!!!!
Who wouldn't be greatful to meet the famous Tommy Lasorda!!!

Even Joe made an apperance

It turned out to be a great day!

Sunday, January 31, 2010

I have started school already and the third week is about to start and guess what stress is here! lol.. well I won't bore you with my self and get to other things.
hmmmmm well how about the Laker game today? Kobe once again came through to close out the fourth quarter. To tell you the truth I was kinda of worried they were going to lose a heart breaker, but they didn't!!
Also starting tomorrow marks the Dodgers Caravan, I am hoping to get out for Tuesday at LA Live ESPN Zone, but we will see.
It would have been awesome to go both days but hey we can't always have what we want right?
I am excited though about the season beginning to start, I not only get to see the boys, but also my friends that share the same feelings and likes like me!!

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Thanks Dodgers!

The Dodgers, who are known for their gifted farm team have signed the players that will establish this club for a couple of year. I HOPE!

They sign their young players to two and one years deals. I like that they finally signed Andre Ethier to a longer contract and didn't have to go through the drama of arbitration that they went through last year.

Dre deserves it as much as Kemp them two really held the team together.

The concern I have though is the signing of Broxton once again and for two years!! WHY??? I can't believe they didn't just sign him for one year and see what he does, if it turns out like last season they could have let him go.

Oh well hopefully he has grown and learned so the next time he is in a big game in which he only needs to get three outs he can do it.

Russell Martin, James Loney George Sherrill and Hong-Chi Kuo sign one years deals as well.

It is rumored that Ethier signed a 15.25 million contract and Broxton 11 million. The contracts are not yet finalized because they need to pass their physicals.

Martin will make 5.05 million, Loney 3.1 million, Sherrill 4.5 million and Kuo $950,000
Photo painting by Brett Tomoko

Monday, January 18, 2010

Congrats to Shannon Brown

Shannon Brown of the Lakers has made it to the small dunk contest for the NBS All-Star game this year that will be held in Dallas Texas. There was ton of support by players and fans to get Brown into the contest. The website letshannondunk helped out too, everyone seemed on board to get Brown in, who has been a great asset to the Lakers off the bench. He has been playing great defense too. It is going to be nice seeing him compete in this contest!

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Football: Season closing with playoffs!

Football playoffs started yesterday and let me tell you the games have pretty much been blow outs! I don't care to much about football, but the playoffs to the super bowl are pretty exciting.

The Cowboys, who came out of no where and finished strong, didn't look good in there playoff game against the Vikings losing 34-3 wooooowwww.....
The Saints with leading running back Reggie Bush won their game yesterday 45-14 and the Colts winning the Ravens 20-3

NOW: The Jets have come back at the end of the third and now are leading the Chargers in the 4th with a 17-7 lead. Greene just scored a 53 yard touchdown to give the Jets breathing room. Now all they have to do is play DEFENSE!!!!!!. I would like to see the Jets win even though I am not a fan of USC, Mark Sanchez has had a great year coming out of college, even though his former coach Pete Carroll didn't think it was a good idea.
NFC: Vikings and Saints play next week
ACF: Colts play winner of the Jets/Chargers game

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Clippers beat Lakers

Wow just got back from watching the game with friends.. wow what a game it was close for the whole game, but the Clippers had a 11 point gain on the the Lakers it was shocking... They just couldn't stop Davis and the rest of the Clippers =(

Friday, January 1, 2010

Here is to the NEW YEAR!!!

I hope that everyone had a great and safe Happy New Year's eve! I know I did.

Saying good bye to 09 was great, not saying that it was a bad year, it actually ended great! The last few months have been amazing. Attended CSUN, meeting new friends, becoming more professional in work/personal, and really growing!!. It was an amazing ending but now it is time for the new year.

2010 of course we all know there will be stepping stones to over come, we will be stressed, but hopefully the good out ways the bad parts of the year. I have been looking forward to what this year will bring. I also know that I will be very busy, more then I was last year. I will be devoted to new things that I know will only make me grow more as a person and career women. So I say hello to the new year with gratitude and excitement!.

Sports will be a part of me no matter what.
-Lakers looking good hopefully ready for a repeat
-Kings are hanging in there and hopefully will be playoff bound
-Dodgers hopefully will get pitching, but very looking forwards for the season to begin already. I miss my BOYS IN BLUE!

READY TO TRAVEL TO ARIZONA AND SAN FRANCISCO!! one of the goals I have this year!