Sunday, October 16, 2011

Needs a new begining to end this one....

Those that know me, know I get bored easily. Not to say I'm not blessed with what I received this past summer, such as getting into grad school. Its just time for me to want change, meet new people. I'm always intrigued by people's stories, hence being a journalist. I know, I don't know everyone's story in my current surroundings, but I need fresh people to interest me.

What better way to get that then to exploring a new place, but where??

I've been applying to jobs trying to get out of the Valley area. At this point, I'm searching other Universities so I can hopefully transfer my credits to continue my masters somewhere else and most importantly for free. Really tough when money is hard to come by and trying finish school when you have bills to pay.

Taking care of my family is my goal, but right now I just feel my break isn't coming as soon as I thought. My emotions are going crazy right now with failure, negativity and loss. It sad to be thinking this way, I know, but how else can I stopped this reckless rollercoaster.

There is a time to feel obstacles in life and right now I have many. This isn't something I only go through. I don't know how the other express themselves so I can't speak for them.

In the long run though its moments like these though that make a person stronger as long as they are willing to fight and not let the discouragement win. I know that's what I want to do and I can be stronger than people think .

One thing I have learned though, is you can't be patiently thinking your dreams are just going to come. You need to step up your game and go grab it before someone else does.

My rant can go one but I might say things that I shouldn't so I'm going to end it here for you all.