Saturday, May 26, 2012

How about them KINGS

Photo by Gina Ferazzi/Los Angeles Times

Well out of three Los Angeles teams that were in the playoffs the Lakers and Clippers have drifted away as both teams lost in the second round of the playoffs.

Here we are the end of May and we still have L.A. hockey to cheer for. The Los Angeles Kings are the lone team that has a chance for bring home a championship to this great city. Of course, being the spoiled city we will see some people jump on the bandwagon for the Kings. This isn't to say that it all bad, but the team knows they will have new fans coming to support them.

I personally don't like those that jump on the bandwagon, but for the game of hockey in L.A. this can be a good thing for the sport and the city. We are consumed with the Dodgers and the Lakers, but now it is the Kings time to shine. Here they are after 19 years in the Stanley Cup Finals for only the second time in the teams history.

They have set an NHL record for most post-season road wins and knocked off the No. 1, No. 2 and No. 3 seed to reach the Finals.

L.A. will now face a tough New Jersey Devils team with a veteran goalie in Martin Brodeur, who has won three Stanley Cups. He is now 40 and we know he should be giving it his all in the crease, for this might be the last time he plays on the ice.

The Kings though, are a team that has played with determination and heart. The team is in the midst of winning its first Stanley Cup in 45 year and Kings fans have long waited for this opportunity again and hopefully this time it has a happy ending.

Whatever the case maybe, fans old and new, are sticking with this L.A. team in hopes of a Championship and a silver and black parade around downtown in June.

Wednesday, May 23, 2012


It has been a whole year since my graduation from Cal State Northridge WOW! I went to the 2012 graduation ceremony yesterday and it was exciting to see a few friends ending one chapter in their lives to start another. 

More importantly though, for myself, it made me think that I can be walking the stage again next May with my master degree. I have now finished a year of my two-year grad program. It has been tough and this semester was truly a challenge for me. I received one grade, which was an A now waiting for one more.

While sitting there during the graduation, it got me pumped for the fact I can be finishing a this step in my life I never dreamed of pursing. After this summer it is grind time. I will try my best to accomplish something that my family hasn't and make them proud of me.

Again congrats to the class of 2012!! ;)