Saturday, October 31, 2009

There is life after baseball

Well at least for me. I love my baseball, but now that my team isn't in the WS I really don't care who wins. Anyway hockey and basketball season is now here! The Kings have gotten on to a good start. You know, this team reminds me a lot of the Dodgers, a very young team trying to find a chemistry with each other. They're really a good young set of players. The first few games they have shown they are comfortable out on the ice.

I was finally able to go to the game Thursday and had some great seats behind the net!

Tuesday was other great night, seeing the Lakers get those GIANT rings! and seeing the banner of their 15 Championships hung at staples center. Nice to see L.A. had that to look forward to after the Dodgers (I guess Angels too) lost. It was hard aching to see them lose las tnight the way they did though, but it is only the secons game.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Next season is in a few months!

Don't worry it is so sad that they had to lose this way. The Dodgers had a great season and once again I had a great time with my friends and my new friends that I met. Our Dodger family is strong and we will all see each other soon.. Last season I thought it would take forever for the season to start but it didn't.

Our Dodgers just didn't seem to have it in them. With all the hard work I guess Philly wanted it more.

Well now it is time for Lakers baby!!!

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Stressfull week..

I have been so buys with school it is getting really crazy with the work.. then I am trying to get my schedule done for next semester already! It is moving fast I just have to keep up...One thing is I finally got my Journalism certificate so that gave me a lil more momentum with work!

The Dodger games are the only place I have been going to, so not to bad of an outing I'd The first game against Philly was a frustrating game, but it is over and now we have moved on right? Plus the game on Friday was a great game!

A real pitchers dual if you ask me, but the boys in blue came through, great game boys

Good Luck tomorrow!!!

Friday, October 9, 2009

Game 2 WOW!!!!

Sorry late on the post, but I have had a lot of school work since midterms are coming up every week. With school comes responsibilities and well I had to miss a little bit of the Dodger game yesterday since I had class. I did leave 15 minutes early, but I'm in Northridge and traffic coming back to LA sucks. It took me an hour
but I got there just in time for the fun!! =)..

My uncle Robert met me there and well, I got there to see Dre hit his homerun!!!!
Sitting in the baselines seats was awesome I felt up close and personal with the Dodgers. The game was itching close, and the Dodger once again coming from behind. With two outs in the ninth I was ready to walk out since I knew it was going to take forever to get out of the stadium, but I had to see my hero Loney. What a site to watch, as we all thought Holiday had the out. Wow what a missed catch that was huh?

The crowd went wild, and to see Loney run to second was a great heads up play. Our bench really came through and the unlikely hero is the one who won the game! Mark Loretta a 15 year vet coming up to the plate was ready to help his team!!!!

What a come back boys.. GOOD LUCK tomorrow in St Luis

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Ready for round 2!!!

What a WIN by the Boys in Blue!!! Our bullpen really came through last night..thank goodness

My dad and I arrived at the game a little after 4pm. We greeted all our friends and then half my family, that was there, LOL.

The fans were getting into the game from the begining every time there was a 2-strike count they were on their feet. Wolf started off shaky and fans were saying "oh no" after the first the Cards led 1-0, but then big Matt Kemp came up and hit his 2 run-homerun that ignited the crowd!!!

Wolf then settled down but he was taken out in the 4th. The Dodgers held on to win the game 5-3 and now will play an early game today at 3pm

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Dodgers Clinch

What a win and FINALLY!!!.. The game was great even though it was cold, what seemed to be a pitchers dual till the 7th innining turned out to be a Dodgers win by 5-0 over the Rockies. Clayten Kershaw out 21 year old left hander kept us in the game with 6 scoreless innings and striking out 10 batters.
Then our boys came in and did what they can with their bats scoring 5 runs.
Me and my friend then went to the box seats and waiting for the last three outs where Broxton got three out for us to win the game. We rushed down to the end of the field and watch out boys getting their NLDS shirts and hats.

They then heading to the locker room where they pop the champagne that had been seating on ice for five games!

Waiting for them to come out to greet the fans was crazy talking to fans and cheering, then they finally made it out.

OMG this was one of the most amazing days of my life, being that close to them after they won a game like this. I was greeted by Matt Kemp, Andre Ethier, Juan Castro, Kershaw, Randy Wolf, and Frank McCourt himself (owner).

Kemp jump up right in front of me I couldn't resist grabbing his legs, then Kershaw came with a bottle of champagne and sprayed me and the other fans. The most sprayed I got though was from Wolf ohhh man I hid my camera as fast as I can and got drenched by him.

All in all great night GOOD LUCK DODGERS the rest of the way I'll be there Wednesday and hopefully Thursday too