Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Dre does it again!

With many opportunities from both sides, especially the Dodgers to the game last night. The Dodger prevailed when Ethier in the 13th inning hit a homerun to give the Dodgers a 4-2 win over the Rockies. It's Ethier 4th walk-off homerun of the season. great win my the Boys in Blue..

hopefully they start getting the hits earlier when they need them because that might bite them in the butt soon!

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Meeting Loney

I heard and checked in the beginning of the week that Loney would be signing at a BMW dealership.. I hav on a few items signed by him already, but I chance to meet him again, I couldn't miss. He was suppose to start signing at 11am.

I headed out at 830 to pick up my friend, my dumb ass though took the wrong freeway so I was upset. I was fortunate though to have a friend already there and said don't worry bc he had a place in line for me. Instead of being there at 9am I was there at 930..oh well... Staying in line to these things you always meet a lot of people and I knew some already so I caught up with some of them that I hadn't seen in awhile.

The dealership had a jumper for the kids and started making a Dodger dogs and had soda and water for us waiting. Then 710 ESPN came along to give out some prizes and low and behold Laker girls show up..LOL I was like shouldn't they be at the Laker signing not Dodgers.. They didn't look to happy.

Well 11 came and went and Loney still wasn't there, not to many people complained I think because they were being entertained either way. Only thing was they weren't giving us updates on why he wasn't there yet or when he was coming.

Then a little after 12 he drove in. Everyone was screaming and and excited even me. I walked over to get a picture of him and went back in line.

They were letting few people in at a time. Finally our group went in I had on my GOT LONEY? shirt on, and I wasn't sure if he would day anything about it. As I walked up to him I was shaking a lot (he is my favorite player, so it happens) he looked up and said "I remember that shirt" I was in shock I said "really" and so excited he remembered seeing it. I gave him my baseball then ask if I can get a picture with him he said sure. I walked over to the table and was still shaking and not realizing I had my camera still in my hand. I passed it to my friend and then my friend Ericka says "see Loney you make her nervous" and Loney says "she is making me nervous right now" not sure what that met, but Ima take it as a good thing..LOL

Friday, June 26, 2009

Mannywood coming back

The Dodgers have announced that when Manny comes back to Dodger Stadium they will reopen Mannywood there on the field level section 153-55 in left field. Do to the fans speaking out and wanting it back the Dodgers will reopen the promotion when Manny returns. When the allegations if Manny drug use came out the Dodger pulled the promotions, so expected a crowd cheering on Manny in his return, with their Manny t-shirts.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Today is the day

Manny Ramirez will be playing for the Albuquerque Isotopes today. Many people in the city have been waiting for this series once they heard that Manny might be playing there for ten games before he returns to the Dodgers July 3rd. They have sold around 40,000 tickets for this weeks home stand in hopes to see Manny play. It is really crazy, but this fans don't get to seea big super star like this all the time... Lets see what happens!!!

Friday, June 19, 2009

Why couldn't one Laker stand up and do this!???

I miss Mark so much he truly was a crowd favorite.. I wish one of them would have stood up and do something like this..oh well

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Is Sasha a better free thrower?!?!

Check out what sports science does to see if Sasha can shoot a free throw better then Shaq

Lakers parade

Wow what a site it was, I wasn't able to go because of work, but watching it on TV after was crazy. Seeing the Coliseum like that reminded me of the Dodger/Red Sox game. This time though it was full of Laker fans wearing their purple and gold. It was amazing seeing that and I felt little chill down my spine. What a great year for our Lakers and being able to celebrate it with the city that loves them so much!

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Loney article in LA TIMES

Loney is a cool customer
He has a unique personality that provides plenty of stories for teammates to tell but is also the guy they want to see at the plate in a clutch situation.By Dylan HernandezJune 16, 2009

Go around the Dodgers' locker room and ask someone to tell you a story about James Loney.

Eyes will brighten. A serious expression will turn into a smile.
"Every day there's something," Russell Martin says."He is who he is," Andre Ethier says."He's very left-handed,"
Randy Wolf says. "He's out there."But not in a bad way.Players and coaches are quick to say that when they laugh thinking about Loney, they do so out of affection for the 25-year-old first baseman.
They have trouble thinking of a way to describe Loney's one-in-a-clubhouse personality -- "Spacey?" Wolf offered -- but are certain that the unique wiring in his brain makes him the kind of player they want at the plate with the game on the line.
They say he has the ability to forget a bad at-bat and block out thoughts of the magnitude of a particular situation.
"One at-bat, he'll look terrible and the next two he'll hit to the gaps with the bases loaded," third base coach Larry Bowa says.Logan White, the Dodgers assistant general manager who selected Loney in the first round of the 2002 draft, said he has always known the former Texas prep star to be that way.
"I think he's the most unaffected guy I know," White says. "That's why when the bases are loaded, he's usually pretty successful.
Here's a guy who doesn't let surroundings and what other people think bother him."Loney's take: "I don't sweat the small stuff."The more pressure-packed the situation, the better Loney seems to hit. He is batting .321 with the count full, .303 with runners in scoring position and .357 with the bases loaded.
He led the Dodgers with 90 runs batted in last season, and he's leading the team this season in that category with 43 despite having only two home runs."He's dumb like a fox," Manager Joe Torre says. "He doesn't panic. He's not afraid.
You're right; he does appear spacey at times. The thing I like about James, very rarely does the game speed up on him.
He always seems to have a grasp on it."Like when he went to the plate with the bases loaded in the ninth inning of a tie game against San Francisco in April.
He ended the game by drawing a walk, his second bases-loaded walk of the game.
"He's a guy that doesn't seem to be worried about being embarrassed," Torre says. "Saying that is a compliment, because I think a lot of players today want it to look good.
James wants it to be good."The player who Torre says Loney reminds him of is Bernie Williams, the center fielder he managed in New York.
As was the case with Williams, Torre says he's never quite sure of what Loney will do or say.
One day early in spring training, Torre instructed his starting infielders to go to one of the fields for practice.
When drills were about to start, Torre noticed he didn't have a first baseman.
Loney had gone to the wrong field.Later in camp, Loney was scheduled to remain at the Dodgers' complex instead of getting on a two-hour bus ride for a game in Tucson.
As a joke, his teammates circled his name on the roster posted in the clubhouse, indicating to him that he was supposed to travel.
But while the names of the other traveling players were circled with a ballpoint pen, Loney's was circled with a thick black marker.
A still unsuspecting Loney boarded the bus.
He made it off in time; his bag didn't.That was one of the few times his teammates recall seeing him upset.Sometimes, traces of "Loney-ness" will appear in games.
Bowa recalls how there were times last season Loney dived to knock down balls that were headed right at the second baseman.
Loney's teammates talk about how his indecisiveness on some defensive plays -- break to the ball or to the bag? -- can result in awkward movements that make them chuckle.
"We joke that there should be a James Loney cam," Martin says. "Just on him, all the time."
"Crazy legs and crazy eyes," Wolf says. "He's like a baby giraffe."That led to Loney being nicknamed "Geoffrey" after the Toys R Us mascot.
Loney is fine with that.
If what he does gets people to smile and laugh, he says, great."I'd rather see people smile than frown," Loney says.He wasn't always this way.
Loney says that growing up in Texas, he was the intense, rah-rah personality on his baseball teams.
He did well in school.
He went his own way, often choosing to hit in his backyard batting cage with his father instead of hanging out with his friends.
He has maintained that serious side, spending countless hours working on his hitting.
He became a homeowner over the winter and is thinking about taking classes at UCLA to get the college education he passed on when he signed with the Dodgers out of high school.
But to have fun in baseball, Loney says, he thought he had to change."I've always been the focused person," Loney says. "When I got into professional baseball, I didn't want people to take me so seriously.
So I try to be goofy, joke around.
I didn't want to be labeled as the guy who was so focused.
I'm still doing my work.
I'm just playing around sometimes."He says he is more self-conscious than he lets on but adds, "I'm not a worrier."
For his part, Loney doesn't think he's unique."I see some guys who do the same things at the same time every day," he says. "That's unique."Loney acknowledges there are times he acts goofier than he is for the sake of lightening the mood.
Torre and Bowa don't doubt that, believing that Loney sometimes does things just to get a rise out of the ultra-intense Bowa.
"He plays you for a sap," Torre says. "When we're trying to get him to move, he'll pretend he's not looking at us.
Bowa will be screaming. "Then you see the smile and he'll just walk over."Done telling the story, Torre shakes his head and laughs.

Monday, June 15, 2009

LAKERS 15 BABY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yes they did it I love the Lakers Ariza is the bomb he is def going to need a new contract coming along.... Gasol our amazing center gets a ring and Kobe getrs his fouirht and first one without Shaq.. Congrats to Jackson for his 10 in history!!!!!

now the Dodgers need to nring other one home for a parade in Oct!!!!

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Lakers baby

So here we are in June and the Lakers are one win away from their 15 Championship title!!!.. I'll most likely keep it safe an stay here at home..lol I would have liked to go somewhere, but doesn't look like it. If the Lakers do win I wonder if fans are going to get to crazy and riot. I just hope everyone can celebrate safe if and when they do win!!!! sucks that they might be winning over there in Orlando, but they will bring the trophy home and get ready for a parade, which I hope will be Tuesday or Thursday..


and Congrats to the Penguins awesome win Friday against the Wings

Wednesday, June 10, 2009


So I went with the parentals to breakfast today at the famous Pantry mmmm it was good. Outside I noticed the payphone has Manny on it... wow so they suspend him for using steroids then put him on payphone that people don't use very often anymore LOL... okay I'm sure that isn't the reason, but still it was funny to see... June gloom is nice, but man taking pictures with my damn cell phone that has no flash sucks!!!

We then headed down to staples center awwww I missed it.. I haven't been there since the Kings last game. The Wolf Gang Puck restaurant looked open, are at least almost open, and to see all the Laker finals stuff up was awesome!!!.. A friend (I will not name LOL) told me that Sasha banner had been vandalized outside staples center. Now he either did say it to get me mad or they really did do it, but change it because as you can see it's okay...LOL...

I also found a Sasha shirt inside the store and bought it..ok my dad did, but still I have it now! Also bought a few other Laker shirts that are very cute!

GO LAKERS!!!!!!!!!!..............Dodgers 40 Wins look real nice.. Ethier great job I like that you are out of our slump!!!

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Sasha throws first pitch and Dodgers win in 9th

After putting on his custom made dodger jersey!

I went to the game super early, so that I can get a chance to see Sasha throw out the first pitch. I was hoping that he would be outside early, but he wasn't. I was hoping to get his autograph again and a pixs with him, but no luck since he stayed around the field. I went down seen Loney, and Kemp. Then went to wait to see if Sasha was coming. Then about 630 he finally came out of where he was at!!!! I walked over past the Dodger dugout to start snapping away. He was so close yet so far..LOL.. There was a few kids that he signed for which was very nice of him and he also took pictures with him. He did walk right by me to go to his seat behind the Dodger dugout, but I didn't have my picture of him, ihad left it with my bag over at my seat grrrrrr, but I had my camera!
After his pitch... which was a strike!!! Interview with someone
After that it was time for baseball... all didn't look to well for Milton, who was letting the Phillies hit off him, but they only led by 3.. and then finally we scored. I had to leave early, but seen the rest of the game at home (should have stayed, but the lil one wanted to go home) so then a little hit my Loney fell past the right fielder and it was 3-2.. ninth inning comes and with 2 outs I thought there was no way, but Andre who has been getting out of his slump, hit the ball off in the corner in right field bringing home Blake and Loney to win the game!!!! awesome guys!!!

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Great come back!!!

The Dodgers, didn't give up last night during the great win over the D'backs 6-5. They played the whole 9 innings!!! it was amazing.. The crowd was going crazy.. n yes my throat hurt after and well had a slight headache with all the yelling, but it was worth it!!!....

Loney "It's fun to see guys till battling, guys aren't moping around"
I was nervous seeing Loney go up to bat, I didnt even want to look.. but he came through and with a wild pitch he went to third and Blake who is a hot hitter right now hit a base hit! YES!!!.. even Ethier did well last night!

Nice to see the Dodgers showing ther LA Laker Pride!!!!

Monday, June 1, 2009

Finals week

There it is, I didn't even believe it until I seen this on Saturday walking to my Math teachers office. The second session of summer is cancelled like every other school that is hurting with budget cuts. Hopefully it will get better soon, but I guess first it has to be bad. I guess I'm fortunate I'm done at school and don't have to take any summer classes, but I feel bad for those that are trying to get done and not being able to go to class to get ahead.

Well finals week is here I have been trying to study. I can't believe there are already here. I have three on Wed, one Sat and two on next Mon. So I'm trying to use my time wisely. Of course being on here means I'm wasting some time LOL.. But I had to let you guys know why I haven't kept up to date. Today and Tomorrow will be hectic with me studying, but I have a break tomorrow since I will be going to the Dodger game!!! I have cleared my morning so I can studying.

Well the Lakers made it to the finals and instead of a LeBron-Kobe match up we have Superman and Kobe. doesn't look like much, but hey who knows, in the end it will be who wants it more!!!