Thursday, May 16, 2013

Bye school or is it?!?

Last week was my last class at Cal State Northridge. While all my skills have been put into full gear, I can't help but think in the back of my mind if I need more?

I think that's a simple question to answer, YES! but I also think that I can learn more from just listening to a professor or reading an academic book. I find myself learning so much from new people I have met outside of school.

There seems to be something interesting (hot at times) about listening to someone else's passions and goals in life. There are subjects I may have learned in school that is didn't care for. But once hearing a person talk more in depth on a subject, I didn't pay much attention to in class I have learned to appreciate it more and follow up on researching it after a talk.

I have always loved school and I am a big nerd at heart! That is why I know if things workout in the future I may go back for my masters.

For now though I will take a break, live life to the fullest and keep learning in different ways.

PS. Congrats to all my friends about to graduate this coming week!