Thursday, May 28, 2009

Brown and the Lakers!!!

Lakers Shannon Brown pumps up crowd and talk about it after game! Big win for the Lakers lets hope they can defeat the Nuggets tomorrow!

Dunk over Aderson "Birdman"

Tuesday, May 26, 2009


Finals are coming up next Wednesday and for some reason I'm lazy about studying.. I have been pretty much breezing by my classes, other then math. I still have these test and no they aren't easy I just don't know why I feel I have all the time in the world when I don't!!!!... I just printed my study guides for my Broadcasting and I have two papers due. One on Monday and the other one on Wednesday. don't get me wrong I have pretty much finished them, but I have to revise and make sure they are perfect for my grade aaahhhhhh ok calm down...

Friday, May 22, 2009

ohh Lakers

Pua in disbelief in the loss
photo by Wally Skalij/LA Times

Sasha frustrated
photo by Wally Skalij

They lose game two in the Western Conference finals last night.. After blowing a 14 point lead before the first half was over. They now have to go into Denver where the Nuggets haven't not yet lost during the playoffs. Man the Lakers came out strong and looked good, what happened?

Now they must win in Denver to continue this playoff run to the finals.

Lets go Lakers!!!!

Planning the future

I recently received more letters from CSUN on how to make a better transition on going to their school. I just made an appointment to see and advisor on what classes I will need to take in order to get my BA.
I have to admit, I think I have mentioned it already, that I'm both nervous and excited to be moving on to other school. I have had some rough challenges during my time after school and I never thought I would be where I am today. I have worked so hard to get here and now that it is finally here is it amazing. Of course it hasn't hit me that hard yet, I know when I actually have my first day of school I will be in awww of everything.
I have been content with the "comfortable zone" of staying where I was, but as usual I get bored and start screaming inside that I want out. To think that very soon, (as long as everything goes well) this will happen to me a new place, and new people!!! I can't wait..

Friday, May 15, 2009

Manny meets with team in a very short meeting

It took about ten maybe 15 minutes when Manny spoke to abut a dozen of his teammates and staff early today. a little before 1 pm. Torre is suppose to address what happen before the game today.

What Manny it wasn't HCG

L.A. Times reporting that HCG was not in Manny's system during time of test. Anti-doping experts say that the test don't show he used HCG, and that it was other strong dose of steroids .

Read full story by clicking link

Picture L.A Times Kirby Lee

OH LAKERS...and my night

As I was going to my reward ceremony/dinner held by ELAC for those that received scholarships, I was more worried about the Laker game. Was I actually going to miss it? Well at the dinner it was pretty packed, me and my fellow friends/journalist were very surprised on the turn out. You see we thought it would be a small ceremony, but the school was handing out about 150 scholarship awards.

Anyway the evening started late even with a packed crowd at 630, they started ten minutes before seven with serving dinner. I guess some important people were on Mexican time..LOL.. anyway me and the other sports writer were checking our phones every so often to check the score. We were delighted to see that the Celtics lost and were headed to game seven with the Magic.

Then about seven the Laker game starts and we look at our phones and the Lakers were already down 5-21 (it started with them down 17-1) damn it was going to be a long night. We got our rewards at around half-time, which the score was 33-47 (from what I remember). I took my dad with me so after we stayed about other 15 minutes and left for home. There I was in my room and fourth quarter already starting and us down by eight. The Lakers after that just couldn't come back.

What a crazy series, some sports critics are giving up on the Lakers and saying there is no way they should be in a game seven with the Rockets. This is why you have to love sports though because you don't know what is going to happen. Game four Lakers lose by 20, then come back and win by 40, now lose by 15...

Game seven Sunday at 1230!!!! Let's Go Lakers you will be home.. =)

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Lakers and Rockets

Photos by Luis Sinco LA Times

Damn what a game the Lakers played last night.. It was such a blow out that I didn't even really watch the end. The last game of course in Houston was horrible for the Lakers, but I think it was only because they were over confident about the Rockets losing Yao and the Rockets also had to prove something on their court. They way the game was going yesterday though they had no chance losing by 40 points 118-78.. I couldn't believe it. I know the Rockets were going to give the Lakers more of a challenge, but last night there was no sign of it. Now the Lakers go back to Houston for game six tomorrow, which I think the Lakers will take it.
GO LAKERS!!!!!! If not there will be an exciting game seven here at Staples

2 more weeks!!!

I have two more weeks of school left before finals..I can't believe how fast the semester went DAMN time flies. I have two papers due, which I' pretty much have done just need the revising and proof reading to do. Well my hardest subject of all is math grrrrrr.. I have one more test to do next Saturday then it is the final. My Broadcasting class is going great and I should get an A, Journalism I should be fine as well, since most of the credit will come from what I did last year. (ya long story).. Dance well thats and easy A... As of now I have been studying like crazy and with it being my last semester till I transfer this fall. I have had mixed emotions about the whole thing, but I'm so happy for the change I'll be getting. I am ready for the summer though, because I'm not taking any classes and just going to work and have fun until I start school and have no life during that time..LOL

So I like to say good luck to all the students out there that are preparing for their finals!
YES I'm reading a Phil Jackson book as well.. pretty interesting too

Monday, May 11, 2009

Blake makes gesture that Wilson doesnt apperciate

Yahoo Story
By Duk

Between the Aubrey Huff-Joba Chamberlain dustup, Ryan Braun's cocky homer trot after a near beaning by the Cubs and Bobby Jenks throwing behind Ian Kinsler, it was a busy weekend for baseball teams being steamed by the actions of their opponents.
But none of the above run-ins brought out more emotion or have as much potential for future retribution than
what happened between Dodgers third baseman Casey Blake and Giants reliever Brian Wilson on Sunday afternoon.
The Cliff Notes version: After hitting a homer off Wilson in the 12th inning of
the Giants' 7-5 13-inning victory, Blake was seen on television making the same well known gesture that Wilson makes after every save in tribute to both his Christian faith and his late father.
By the time Wilson returned to the clubhouse after securing the win in the 13th, some friends had sent images of Blake to his cell phone, sending him into an agitated state that his teammates instantly had to calm him down from.
While Wilson wouldn't address the situation with reporters a few minutes later, fellow Giants pitcher
Jeremy Affeldt(notes) was more than happy to offer the following: "Blake knew what he did."
(Blake, meanwhile, had left Dodger Stadium before reporters could get a comment.)
We'll see if Blake issues any clarifying statements today; the Dodgers don't play until Tuesday and I'm saying it's 50/50 we get an explanation. Until we do, consider these two previous stories (for whatever they're worth):

• The meaning of Wilson's gesture was pretty well-guarded secret until last season, when the All-Star reliever finally
told Andrew Baggarly of the San Jose Mercury News that he adapted a slogan for an ultimate fighting clothing company to reflect his own personal beliefs and that he has never intended to offend any opponents with it.
"It shows no disrespect toward anybody. It's all positive praise. It's not for showboating. It's not to start an epidemic. It's just me getting a quick message out to the world and to Christ and that's it. I just thought, `What more perfect time to display my faith than at the end of a game?'"
• Since he's considered one of baseball's good guys (
a fact I think I can attest to), it doesn't seem in Blake's DNA to get that personal with an opponent. Then again, just last season he expressed his distaste for showboaters, as Diamond Leung so excellently recalled from a rivalry game with the Giants last season, so who knows?:
After Giants reliever
Billy Sadler(notes) struck out Casey Blake(notes) to end the eighth, the rookie made a demonstrative celebratory gesture similar to the one he did after getting Manny Ramirez(notes) last month. This time, Blake and Matt Kemp(notes) exchanged words with Sadler, causing both dugouts to empty.
"Apparently, that's his gig," Blake said. "It's dumb. If I hit a home run off him, I'm not going to pump my fist and yell, especially if I'm not in the race."
Personally, I'm willing to bet that Blake wouldn't have done what he did if he knew of the move's significance, especially the part about the tribute to Wilson's dad. I mean, haven't we all laughed at the guy in the distance who trips over the curb, only to feel monumentally bad once we draw near and find out he's blind and handicapped?
I'm thinking that's what happened here.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Mothers Day! and Fires are going on

I can't believe the fire that started by Dodger Stadium they are calling suspicious for who ever started it..Damn wonder who did it!
well the MLB will continue their quest on fighting breast cancer which I think is so awesome of them. It started in 2006 where the players will use pink bats, and will be donated after the game. They will also wear pink bands on their arms. The Dodger player and coaches will also be at entrances when the gate open to hand out roses to the moms coming to the park today.. Man I wish I would have got tickets today.. oh well next year!

Thursday, May 7, 2009

ESPN reporting Manny testing positive

Just in from ESPN, and LA Times that Dodgers Manny Ramirez will be suspended for 50 games because of testing positive for PED!!! why Manny... the suspension will begin today!

Dodgers mondern day record in the books

Last night the Dodgers change the record books, when they beat the Nationals 10-3. To give them 13 straight wins at home surpassing the Detroit Tigers in 1911 who had 12 home wins. The Dodgers has a seven-run sixth-inning to give them a comfortable lead. Of course the Dodgers aren't really to into making history. They are more focused on the big prize, that is making it to October play

Well congrats to our boys in blue!

Sunday, May 3, 2009

10 game home winning streak and Andre Ethier Carne Asada

So we headed to the game and me and my dad sat in the Lodge section, but not where we normally sit and man there were tons of kids. It was the Ethier jersey giveaway and kids day so I guess I shouldn't be surprised about it. I got son burned with in the hour I was there, but watching the Dodgers get three runs in the first made it better.

We had great pitching by Chad and through 7 innings. The Dodgers didn't have all their starting line up in there giving Manny, Martin, Furcal, and Blake the day off. They still prevailed and won the game the end of the fifth inning me and my dad moved to where my niece was sitting, just in time that the camera man was there and I was on the jumbo screen wooo hooo.. I got a few textes and then after seen some people I knew that seen me and let me know! THANKS camera guy..

Then there was the Carane Asada event with Andre Ethier. Garciaparra held this event last season, which I went to both event days. It is a great event in which you meet the player hosting it, get an autograph, enjoy music, and great Mexican food.

We had to wait in line for awhile while they sent things up. I noticed right aways for 200 people they didn't have a lot of tables set up just chairs. My dad and I got in pretty quickly and my dad found a empty tall table so we stood there close to the Mariachi band. They started to play and it was all good.... of course with my dad with me, we made friends right away. I got us some Margaritas such to sent the mood of the event. LOL

While getting the drinks I seen ahead of me Ethier coming with his son in his arms. It was so cute and people started screaming and clapping. I walked fast with drinks in hand and sent them on the table to grab my camera. I then went to where I knew he would say his thanks and start taking pictures with the fans. Man he must have to more the 200 pictures poor guy didn't even get a break to eat. All in all with the fans there and the Dodgers winning Ethier seemed very pleased to see the fans and take pictures and the event.

The next one they are having in June will be hosted by Fernando Venezuela