Friday, May 15, 2009

OH LAKERS...and my night

As I was going to my reward ceremony/dinner held by ELAC for those that received scholarships, I was more worried about the Laker game. Was I actually going to miss it? Well at the dinner it was pretty packed, me and my fellow friends/journalist were very surprised on the turn out. You see we thought it would be a small ceremony, but the school was handing out about 150 scholarship awards.

Anyway the evening started late even with a packed crowd at 630, they started ten minutes before seven with serving dinner. I guess some important people were on Mexican time..LOL.. anyway me and the other sports writer were checking our phones every so often to check the score. We were delighted to see that the Celtics lost and were headed to game seven with the Magic.

Then about seven the Laker game starts and we look at our phones and the Lakers were already down 5-21 (it started with them down 17-1) damn it was going to be a long night. We got our rewards at around half-time, which the score was 33-47 (from what I remember). I took my dad with me so after we stayed about other 15 minutes and left for home. There I was in my room and fourth quarter already starting and us down by eight. The Lakers after that just couldn't come back.

What a crazy series, some sports critics are giving up on the Lakers and saying there is no way they should be in a game seven with the Rockets. This is why you have to love sports though because you don't know what is going to happen. Game four Lakers lose by 20, then come back and win by 40, now lose by 15...

Game seven Sunday at 1230!!!! Let's Go Lakers you will be home.. =)

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