Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Ethier needs our VOTE!!!!

Ethier it hot ok I mean in his playing this season. Coming off a great year last season he has again proved to be a great hitter. Where ever in the line he is at he is making a difference in the club. Now I know a lot of fans probably will be voting in Manny as an All Star, but look we really need to put our best player representing the Dodgers and that is Dre. He is leading the club in RBI's with 21. He has already had 15 walks, 5 home runs, 18 runs, and 24 hits. He really is coming into his own and being a club leader.. so when you come across voting for the All Star game vote for Dre!!!!!!

Saturday, April 25, 2009

NFL Draft

Watching the daft right now.. Man I can't believe how much Q/B Matthew Stafford from Georgia signed for 71 million six yearl deal and 41.7 million to guarantee his spot as number one daft choice. wow what is that kid going to do with that money?!?!

Still waiting on where Mark Sanchez will go!!

Friday, April 24, 2009

Whats up! been busy

I know haven't updated in awhile wow almost a week, but I have been busy with school (just five more weeks left!!! =0) so I have two papers due and well test after test..

I also have become a Team Edward girl.. Yes I have been reading the Twilight series and let me tell you they are awesome books! I just started the third book last night. After last Saturdays Dodger game I finished the first book and me and my mom watched the movie. Of course reading the book did help and the movie didn't do the book justice. Don't get me wrong though it is a great movie.

Ok back to sports well our Dodgers finally got a win in Texas!!! Loney, who usually does well in his hometown didn't really get it going there. I know he will though it's just a matter of time. but wow did you guys see Manny's bomb out of the park on Wednesday that was so awesome (to bad they lost that game) but I think it was very important to get the last win before leaving. Chad pitched a great game and it was the Dodgers first shutout win of the season. Broxten kinda got us scared when closing, but we got the win. Now they're in Colorado.

ohhhh the Lakers man had a chance to sweep and once again had a big lead in the second half and let it slip away and lost by two points. They had a lead of 13 pts. The end of the game was so tight tie after tie, but the Jazz came through in a game they had to win. Hopefully this goes only to game five here at home!

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Photo Day!!

It was a great photo day today at the stadium. Beautiful sunny day and getting there early didn't hurt either LOL.. me and my dad got to the stadium early, but of course not as early as the opener, and well they ended up opening the gates earlier then what they has said. We parked and I walked fast to center field where they open it so fans can take their spots on the field.
To my surprise the center field doors were open so we went to the spot I was at last year which was pretty okay space.
Right at eleven the Dodger players started coming onto the field and making there way towards the fans so they can get photos taken.

I was so excited and ready to see who I was going to be able to take pixs with! Well Manny came out getting the biggest applause and to our surprise was the rebel signing autographs and taking pictures. Many of the Dodger employees were trying to tell fans not to give him things to sign, but of course they didn't listen.
I was pretty excited though when he was coming my way and taken photos with fans so I got my arm out ready to grab him over my way LOL, but fans that were being pushy for an auto were covering my dads view of me n Manny so I had to wave my arm with my big ass camera to move there arms out of the way!! damn man no one was going to ruin my photo with Manny! lol

Russell Martin was very polite and taken pixs, of course some guys where rushing there way across the little paths they made for them to go by. I was lucky though I got Russ, LONEY!!!, Pierre, Torre, Wade just to name a few. Just didn't get Kemp =(

I will post on the game later got some great shots of it too!

Friday, April 17, 2009

My day at Dodger stadium yesterday


The last game against the hated Giants. I was early for this game just so I can have a chance to see some of the Dodgers before they go get dressed for the game. I parked outside because me and my daughter were going to leave early (I wasn't about to pat $15 for just a few hours) Walking into the stadium we hurried down to the field where you get a chance to meet some of the Dodgers, if they pass by and have the time to stop and sign stuff and take pictures. It's mainly for the kids, but if your earlier enough they let adults go down too. So there I was I was a good fifth in line to go down. I seen a few friends of mine Joe, who is a long time season ticket holder and a very nice women, and then there was uncle (okay I totally forgot his name again LOL) but he is awesome guy that me and my friend met last season.

Dre signing for fans
okay back to to Dodgers, we yelled at Kemp, he said hi to my daughter and told her she ROCKS then Doug Mientkiewicz (who later got hurt in the game) came out and he singed my daughters jersey, which has many autographs on it already.
Then low and behold Loney was being interviewed right next to us, my daughter was excited, but probably not as much as I was. He finally was done and I waited patiently while he signed other kids stuff first and then I had the courage to ask him for a picture after he signed a photo for me. He said "yes are you ready" I said "yes" and I went next to him and he put his arm around me... OMG can you image our favorite person in the world acknowledging you.

I was very happy that he actually said yes because of course we sometimes meet these athlete figures that are asses and have they noses so high in the clouds they don't realize it's because of fans they are where they are other then just talent. I have been fortunate though for my times meeting players. Even though we may be in aw when we see them we find out that they are just as human as us. They do a lot for the communities they are in and try to give back as much as they can.. Kudos to those athletes that appreciate their fans day in and day out.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Young sent away!

Dodgers send Young to Pirates
By Ken Gurnick /

LOS ANGELES -- The Dodgers traded switch-hitting outfielder Delwyn Young to the Pittsburgh Pirates on Tuesday for two players to be named later or cash considerations.
The deal was formally announced on Wednesday morning.
Young was designated for assignment Monday to make room on the 40-man roster for infielder Juan Castro, who was promoted from Triple-A Albuquerque to replace Blake DeWitt, who was optioned to Albuquerque.
The outfielder had been on the disabled list, still recovering from offseason elbow surgery. He was serving an injury-rehabilitation assignment at Albuquerque.
Young, 26, was a fourth-round Draft pick in 2002. Except for an injury-rehab stint at Triple-A, Young spent all of 2008 on the Major League club, primarily as a pinch-hitter, batting .246 in 83 games.

Now he will be rejoined with Andy LaRoche who was a close freind to him when there were both Dodgers

Monday, April 13, 2009

Dodgers Opening Day! RECORD breaking

OMG just got back from the most awesome game Dodger game every!!! This was the biggest crowd at Dodger Stadium for an opener 57,099
So my day started at 8am when I was ready to go to Dodger Stadium. My dad and I got there at about 830 and we were fifth in line for where our car was..see the picture on top.. well there I was so excited that I couldn't even read my book or study for my test that I have in about a few hours LOL... well walking around seeing the tailgaters it was pretty cool. My dad and I started talking to those around us and then people started parking right next to us, which is a left turn lane, every one was annoyed (well those that were heading to work LOL) so a couple next to us ask if it was ok I told them yes they can leave their car there. Suddenly with those annoyed patrons one women hit a other car while trying to make a left, it was pretty funny. Then the cops came trying to be all tough and saying that they were about to tow away the cars parked right next to us.

I had to find that couple that I told it was ok to park there luckily they were close by and went to their car to see what was up. We got to talking and well then I got a few drinks out of it.. walking into the tailgaters zone it was such a big crowd of Dodgers fans coming together and enjoying themselves and of course they were mainly Hispanics there. I couldn't help but notice the cock fest amongst me.. I was like wow left and right just every were..ok enough bout the cocks.. then I had some girl come up to me swearing she new me form some bar..pretty crazy I was like ya ok...I had my drinks and it was almost 1040 I got back to the car and was ready to get in the stadium to see what was up.

There I was walking ahead of my dad to get into the stadium awwwww what a site my second home that I live sooo much I get to forget all the things that are happening to in my life. Dodger Stadium is truly the most wonderful place on earth!!!!!!!

The Dodgers were still having their batting practice as I walked in I said hello to those I already know and they were all happy to be back working and being at the stadium. The pregame ceremony was the greatest every. The Dodgers line up actually came through the fans which was great! Manny came out and walked out from the stairs on the left field pavilion it was soo cool. Fireworks and the big American Flag held my the Navy and Marines was great I had goose bumps the whole time. There of course was a moment of silence for Nick Adenhart and those that lost their lives. Then Doves came out of boxes while the Anthem was sang by 16 year old Charice, who did a hell of a great job!.
Then the moment came with Hall of Famer Vin Scully throwing out the first pitch then saying his famous words which honestly almost brought tears to my eyes "It's time for Dodger Baseball!!!!"

awwww man the fans were going crazy and a game against the hated Giants what can be better.

Manny coming up for his first at bat almost had a home run wow would that have got us fans going crazy but the Dodgers started their scoring in the 3rd when Orlando Hudson hit a solo home run. The Giants came back, but not for long the Dodgers broke the game open in the fourth when Either hit a home run, then after that Furcal got a 2 run RBI, Hudson a RBI double and walking Manny Martin came up and got a 2 RBI double giving the Dodgers a 6 run 4th inning!!!
The top of the sixth was history in the making when Hudson came up and hit a triple that was announced right after that he had hit for the cycle!!! The first since Wes Parker in 1970!! Then Loney came up to get a RBI and then Ethier came up to hit his second homer of the game!!!!!!!!
The Dodgers crushed the Giants 11-1 and everyone got coupons for free mini hamburgers again!
GREAT game to HUDSON!!! and the Dodgers home opener didn't disappoint at all!

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Fiesta Lakers

So the wait was over and the day was here. I wasn't able to sleep knowing that once I woke up I would be seeing some of the Lakers before there 630 pm game tonight. I was hoping to get there earlier this year so that I would have a better chance to get a wristband for an autograph. Well my friends that I was taking took forever to get ready so instead of getting there at 9am I was there at 1030. We still had a better place in line then last year, but we could have been closer to get in if we would have gotten there when I wanted to.

Anyway by then I needed a drink so I headed to the ESPN zone while they waited in line. It was pretty cool talking to the bartender.. ok back to Fiesta Lakers. It was the 8th annual Fiesta Lakers event that is pretty much dedicated to the Latin community that supports the Lakers day in and day out. Like Kobe said to the fans ..The fans that seat in the front rows aren't the loudest loyal fans.. he is right it usually those that can't afford the expensive seats there at Staples Center. While I walked out of ESPN Zone just a half hour till opening the line was packed. They started letting people in early, but unfortunately we were unable to get the wristbands, because there was so many people there early that got in the lines.

I was excited to see some of the FOX SPORTS WEST annoucers there so I took a pretty with Bill McDonald and Patrick O'Nie,l who is so hillarious on T.V., the fans there were excited and all in Laker gear waiting for the Lakers to make their appereances.

After waiting in a few lines and nothaving any luck to get wristbands I headed over to the stage so I can have a chance to take some pictures of the Lakers coming, which was Walton, Ariza, SASHA!!!, Gasol and Kobe.. everyone there wanted the singer to stop singing and started chanting KOBE KOBE we all wanted our Lakers to fianlly show. It was about 330 when they final came and made their apperance to the fnas delight they spoke. Sasha being the only one that knows more spanish, other the Gasol, siad some things to the crowd and and then it was Gasols turn. The four guys made there way to the autograph lines so they can start on that while the corwd again started chanting MVP MVP.... then there he was Kobe telling the crowd that we will be winning the championship and that we will stay a Laker!
all in all it was a good day I seen Sasha and Kobe on stage.. now it's time for the game to start.

Tommorrow DODGER opening day!! wooo hoo cant wait I'll be there at 830am!

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Tragic accident hurts Angels

Last night a little after midnight Nick Adenhart and three other friends were driving in Fullerton when a red van ran a red light and hit the silver car that went into a light pole instantly killing the driver and other passenger. Adenhart this morning was pronouced dead. He was a prospect for the Angles starting rotation and was only 22 years old. It sucks really he had just pitched last night six scoreless innings.

the driver of the van ran the scene, but was later caught and is in jail. The driver was said to be under the influenced.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

I missed this.. =(

This was aat yesterdays game against the Kings.. so Awesome

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

My anticipation is rising

Ok so you guys now I have my tickets to opening day at Dodger Stadium, man I can't wait.. watching baseball yesterday at my friends house was cool we were both seating there and couldn't believe it was the start of the season already. My man did great 3-4 not bad and driving in two runs!! wooo hooo I was great.

Congrats to North Carolina for winning the NCAA Championship it was a blow out.. but have to give Michigan State credit for trying to come back, but they just couldn't get in the groove

Saturday, April 4, 2009

The happiest day every!!!!!!

I got my picture!!! I was debating on going today because I was tired from last night, but I'm like no I have to go see Sasha!!! So I left at 11 picked up my niece because I decided not to go alone and we go there a little before 12pm...The Signing wasn't going to start until 3pm so there we were just waiting in the sun lol... ummm talked to a few people in line, but waiting for Sasha arrival was what I was anticipating.
Then at 3 there he was OMG I was excited and I was bout the 20th person there in line. turns out he wasn't going to sign anything that people had, but these photos of himself that were pre-printed. of course some people were upset because they had brought so many things for him to sign, but oh well I wasn't upset b/c I just really wanted a picture with him!!!! so we get in, I'm happy and snapping my camera. my niece goes first and he got up and took a picture with her then I walked up got my photo then he says "picture?" I say " yes that is all I've been wanting" so he laughs and says ok and gets up and has him arm around me and my arm was around him.. I was happy it lasted a long time b/c the first picture was blurry that my niece took.. Sasha was very polite in waiting for her to take other one.. I thanked him and was leaving with a big smile on my face!!!! so glad I went

awwww second home!!

As I posted perviously that I would be going to the Angel Dodger game this Thursday now time to post my experience with you. So since it was just a Exhibition game I didn't bother going early so me and my friend Dave parked outside and walked in. Man was I excited to me there (my second home) I had purchased tickets in the pavilion right be hind Manny and to let you guys know it was the crowdest part of the stadium that day. We actually sat right behind him as you can see from the pictures...

Well the Dodgers looked good fans were chanting Angels sucks and well of course the pavilion wouldn't be the crazy spot if some fans didn't get kicked out of the game! so it was cool and funny.. Dodgers are promoting the Jack in the Box mini hamburgers and if the Dodgers won by 3 or more runs they give us coupons to get free ones. Sure enough the Dodgers won 6-2 and everyone was happy.. not sure if this is going to be a new thing they do now like at Laker games with the free Tacos, but they were good lol... as me and Dave went after to try them out.

Scary scenario was Broxton closing uhhhhhhhhhhh he didn't look good =(

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Busy week, so it seems

Well my Spring break officially starts today!!! I still have work though, which sucks..hmm (I think I'm catching well tomorrow I'm going to be in the place that I love soo much, DODGER STADIUM for the Freeway series exhibition game. I'm totally excited even though they won't have the starting players in for long I'm still very excited to be around the fans. I love that atmosphere and being at the stadium makes me forget about the crap going around life itself!.... Then this Saturday it looks like it might be a very long day, from going to meet Sasha again and then the hockey game.. sad to see the season it almost to the end, but hey we have our Lakers to look forward to seeing in the playoffs. Then with baseball season starting that should keep me busy, which I have been wanting for a long time!

Note: I got my Photo day tickets as well as May 3rd for Andre Ethiers Carne Asada event!! can't wait.. I will be blogging on what happens this week though and tell you how it goes.

P.S.S. I have an appointment with CSUN this coming Thursday for admission day on campus.. wish me luck in seeing if I actually get accepted into this institution..