Saturday, October 23, 2010

Hi all

Wow looks like school has me tied down. I've been busy with school and for this reason i have not been able to write on my blog =( sucks, I know.

Being an assistant sports editor for the school paper, Daily Sundial, and another six classes is kicking me in the butt. The paper though, I am enjoying and learning a lot. Only thing is I haven't been able to write, with reporters to worry about and getting a page done, I'm not getting out on the field much.

The few times I have gone out though, has been a blessing. Just taking in a game and what is going on around the arena, is such an awesome feeling. Then after writing about it is a great. I should be happy I am getting out today for a hockey game to cover and take photos.

Speaking of photos, I am now taking pictures for an online site for the valley area, which is cool. I have always loved taking photos more then writing.
Well friends in the blog world, Kings game is on and I want to catch a the first period before I have to leave.

Hopefully I will talk to you soon