Wednesday, August 10, 2011


I am two weeks from starting my masters and all the emotions are running wild inside me. I can't wait, but I am also scared about what to expected. This week I ordered some of my books, can you believe one class requires eight books? wow. I want to get started on the right foot though and hopefully bring up my GPA as well as gain more experience in the journalism field. As summer ends I have been working a lot, but got to say it has been okay.

My internship with the Los Angeles Sparks is coming to an end and I have learned about the other side of being a reporter in working with public relations. I have been fortunate to write a few stories for them, but hope to write more in the last few weeks. With this internship though, I hope continue the same thing with the Cal State Northridge Athletic Media Relations department. It might be easier knowing that I know the teams there and some of the players. I am looking forward to it.

As far as things in the sports world, well football pre-season games start tomorrow after they were in a lock out, I don't know why I am excited about the season, why is this a a shock for me, well because I really don't care for football. Anyone that knows me knows how much hockey and baseball are my sports, but I think I will take on some football games this season too, it won't hurt right?

well blogging family that is all I got today, hopefully I will be back at the of the week.

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