Friday, July 31, 2009


So today was the day for Major League teams to make their moves before the 1pm deadline. Did the Dodgers make a big one? Nope they did trade for Milwaukee's Vinny Rottino, who is a catcher/first baseman, and sent right-hander Claudio Vargas packing. hmmm a back up catcher is this a sign of maybe Martin being gone soon or just them not being sure about Asmus?
Well in any case I think we still need pitching hopefully Sherrill can do a good job in our bull pin time will tell

Oh and thank goodness for Lamar Odem coming back to the Lakers!! woooo hooo Five in a row I hope so!!!

None sports related

Okay so I have been lagging on writing on my blog, why? seriously I have the time to look up things and give my readers a chance to read my opinion on what is going on, but yet I haven't. This started bugging me this week once I started thinking/getting ready for school.
I'm going to be a journalism major and I haven't been writing since I got out of school this past spring. I guess you can say that I'm scared about stepping into a new place and professors and students looking at me like why is she here, she can't write.
I was doing good when summer begin blogging and getting writing in, but like I said I just haven't felt encourage enough to continue. It only hit me this week because I was looking at the CSUN newspaper staff that just got their editing jobs and wonder how it was easy for me at ELAC being the only one who really liked sports and now I know there is going to be more competition.
I thought I would be able to start on the paper as a writer this semester, but it turns out I have to take and pass a editing/ethics class before I can be on staff for the paper.
Now I know that I will be writing in my Journal classes I'm taking, but I afraid of losing my groove and it's bugging me.
I guess I can only put blame on myself and hope that I will get back to writing and not for get how when the time comes.
I am very excited about starting school though and meeting new people, I know there will be bumps on the way, but hopefully I can pass them!!

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Loney's Bowling Fundraiser

Tonight with the Dodgers having an off day, what better way to spend it by helping the community. Loney will be hosting the Dodgers bowling night at Lucky Strike at L. A. Live tonight where him and other players as well as some celebrities will be bowling with kids and adults. The event is in it's 5th year and proceeds will be going to the Dodgers Dream Foundation.

What an exciting night!

Dodger fans were in for a treat last night, but didn't even expected it. Manny Ramirez, who didn't start after a bruised wrist, hit a pinch-hit grand slam in the sixth inning to give the Dodgers a 6-2 lead over the Reds.

I got to the game at 4 and waiting outside was hectic, it kind of felt like opening day. Anyway the stadium was getting packed pretty quickly. So I made my rounds saying my hi and catching up with friends before the game started (I even was face to face with Nick Lache, he smiled at me)!!

I made it to my seats behind home plate with my sister and watched the game unfold like any other game. Then a 2-2 tie in the sixth Loney, Martin, and Kemp were on base. Mark Loretta was ready to pinch-hit for Chad, but once Kemp was walked Torre called back Loretta and brought in Manny to hit.

Everyone went crazy in the stadium and was standing. First pitch Manny sees and it goes out in the left field MANNYWOOD section on his bobble head night! The place went even more crazy!!!!!!!

It was the first Dodger homerun on a bobble head night by the player whose bobble head was given out...

Lets see if Matt Kemp can so the same on his night Aug 19th
Photo by Alex Gallardo/ LA TIMES

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Mark Madson back in LA

Unfortunately not a Laker he will be playing for the other LA team Clippers..boooo.. But I am happy that he is back in LA where I think he belongs. Sucks that he is not on a winning team it would be nice to see him dance again!! lol.. Also he is truly an amazing guy very nice an dedicated to what he does. I think ima have to go to a Clipper game and see him for myself!


Friday, July 17, 2009

Pierre gets standing ovation

Well what a game. Frustrating to say the least seven hits and nothing, no runs. uhhh well it was pretty crazy so many people there Vick the Brick was in the stands talking amongst fans. I got one picture of his back when he was next to me LOL, but I stayed in my seat talking with the friends that all came to see Manny and our Dodgers start the second half.

The cheers for Manny out weighed the boos even though I heard very few and the screams of cheater and druggie were used, but all-in-all fans were there to support the slugger.

The most ovations though came in the 7th inning when Juan Pierre came to the plate to pinch hit. The crowd went crazy. I felt really proud to be there at that point because of how well he did day in and day out for us when Manny was gone.
Good Luck today boys!!

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Manny comes home

What do you think the reception will be when Manny gets his name called up to bat??

Well I'll be there tonight at the game and see it all happen. I think there will be more cheers then boos, but we have to give him a little guilt right? After a few boos though it will be over and we will welcome Manny and cheer our Dodgers on!!!!!!! we will be getting ready for the second half and hopefully continue our quest to the playoffs

Friday, July 10, 2009

Welcome Artest

Now that we have Artest on our team we have to be happy. It was a good singing on the Lakers part. Arteset players hard and aggressive. Of course I will miss Ariza he was beginning to be my favorite player, but now he is gone and wish him the best of luck. Now it is time to welcome Artest and I'm sure he wants to win a ring just like our guys did this June. Now we have to sing Odem and every thing will be a okay!

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

I have had no Internet

So I know I have been logging on at work or on my phone, but couldnt get anything posted.. All I need to say u guys is Vote for Matt Kemp for the All Star game we have till tomorrow at 1pm!!!! you can txt to 1122 and enter N2 for him or go to the Dodger website!!!!

Sunday, July 5, 2009

How is Broxton a All-Star?!?!

Can some one please explain this to me... really he always blows these games for the Dodgers especially when Bills pitches. Does he have this hatred toward him or what...
I really feel bad for Bills, how many games is this that Brox has let the game get away from us when Chad pitches... I really think it has been way to many. If I were Bills I would not even be able to talk to the guy after the game. If Brox ends up winning this game, when Bills should have gotten his 10th win of the season, I'm going to be sick.... PLEASE PLEASE Coletti get some damn pitching here in LA!!!!!

Friday, July 3, 2009

showing Manny Love

Some of the fans showing there support

Manny... Show time

Well Manny is back with the Dodgers today..with as many as 150 credentials for media there at the game..Manny addressed the media before the game, but didn't say anything about what he used and what happened with the drugs he used.. he did apologize to the fans and his teammates.
His first at bat was a standing ovation from most Dodger fans, who seemed to have been the majority of fans there in S.D., there was some boos, but the cheers over powered them. then Manny walks. It was his teammates that had got the game started offensively and the Dodgers won 6-3 keeping there lead in the division. Players said he was the same Manny and that it was nice to have him back
Manny lasted 6 innings then Pierre took over in left field.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

100 post

wow I just realized my last post was my 100th one crazy. I never knew I would be ever blogging, but it's great and it keeps me busy on something I love to do and that is write. I'm excited about heading to Northridge so that I can gain more knowledge and uptane better writing skills.
What also keeps me going of course is my love and passion for sports without it I just don't know what I would do. The teams and athletes that make amazing plays and give us great-lasting memories.

Last night I was at the Dodger game, went early seen my favoreite player, who singed my card, and other two players that have been great this year. Talk to the many fans and employees I know there and met two other new ones. It's all those things that make the day great even when the team loses we are all together