Friday, July 31, 2009

None sports related

Okay so I have been lagging on writing on my blog, why? seriously I have the time to look up things and give my readers a chance to read my opinion on what is going on, but yet I haven't. This started bugging me this week once I started thinking/getting ready for school.
I'm going to be a journalism major and I haven't been writing since I got out of school this past spring. I guess you can say that I'm scared about stepping into a new place and professors and students looking at me like why is she here, she can't write.
I was doing good when summer begin blogging and getting writing in, but like I said I just haven't felt encourage enough to continue. It only hit me this week because I was looking at the CSUN newspaper staff that just got their editing jobs and wonder how it was easy for me at ELAC being the only one who really liked sports and now I know there is going to be more competition.
I thought I would be able to start on the paper as a writer this semester, but it turns out I have to take and pass a editing/ethics class before I can be on staff for the paper.
Now I know that I will be writing in my Journal classes I'm taking, but I afraid of losing my groove and it's bugging me.
I guess I can only put blame on myself and hope that I will get back to writing and not for get how when the time comes.
I am very excited about starting school though and meeting new people, I know there will be bumps on the way, but hopefully I can pass them!!

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