Friday, July 3, 2009

Manny... Show time

Well Manny is back with the Dodgers today..with as many as 150 credentials for media there at the game..Manny addressed the media before the game, but didn't say anything about what he used and what happened with the drugs he used.. he did apologize to the fans and his teammates.
His first at bat was a standing ovation from most Dodger fans, who seemed to have been the majority of fans there in S.D., there was some boos, but the cheers over powered them. then Manny walks. It was his teammates that had got the game started offensively and the Dodgers won 6-3 keeping there lead in the division. Players said he was the same Manny and that it was nice to have him back
Manny lasted 6 innings then Pierre took over in left field.

1 comment:

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