Sunday, May 30, 2010

Solvenia rivalry in the NBA playoffs

In the playoffs where the players play a lot more aggressive and with emotion things can get a little ugly sometimes.
In the Lakers/Suns series that ended yesterday there was more to add to the rivalry of the two men from Solvenia, Lakers guard Sasha Vujacic and Suns guard Goran Dragic.
It started in game five when Vujacic finally step up his defensive game, which he loves to play the pest and get under the skin of his defenders. He shut down Dragic, whom was frustrated after the game on how Vujacic closed him out.
During the game at Staples center there was some words exchange by the two and pushing. The two got technical fouls, which for Dragic was his first in his career.

After the game (see video) Vujacic tells the reporter how Dragic pushed him, but he did not retaliate on the matter.

He presses on how he didn't know Dragic when he was growing up in Solvenia and refers him to the kid on the other team. Granted the two are only about 2 years apart.
It is rumored that Dragic said the fact Vujacic left the Solvenia basketball to play else where was a bad choice and left bad terms with the team.
In yesterdays game six there was another incident in the fourth quarter were Dragic scored over Vujacic and went up to him and exchanged words again, Vujacic retaliation was not a good choice as he lifted up his arms and elbowed Dragic given Vujacic a flagrant-one foul that will be looked at more from NBA officials.

That altercation almost cost the Lakers the game as it became momentum for the Suns and a six point play and bringing the Suns within reach of a possible win.
Dragic went on a run of his own and stayed in the game where he had 12 points compare to the three he had the previous game.
Both players say there is don't know each other and not friends that's it, but the way they both went at each other tells a different story.
Fortunately for the Lakers they held on to the victory and Vujacic and the rest of the Lakers are looking for a repeat of the championship.
This rivalry though will continue to grow as long as both players stay healthy and stay in the league.
Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images

Monday, May 24, 2010

Lima Time

Since his sudden passing this Sunday of a heart attack I have read stories of remembering him as a team player, but what caught my attention was his giving back to the community, which is some thing the Dodgers are known for.
Granted I didn't watch the Dodgers during the 2004 season when Lima played, but I did hear of him and knew how energetic he was during games. Most importantly though he was a Dodger, and he loved playing as one.
What was impressive was he only played for the Dodger in such a short time, one
season going 13-5 and pitched a complete game of the National League Division series giving the Dodgers their first postseason win since 19888. With that he was a fan favorite.
In the past three weeks he was added to the Dodgers Alumni Association and he was going to be working with community relations making appearance at events the Dodgers have.
The biggest contribution was a summer baseball academy in Pasadena to help kids learn the game of baseball while having former players to help out.
It is sad that he wasn't able to enjoy teaching a game that he loves so much to others, but hopefully the Dodgers will do some thing to continue what he started.

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Don't stop believing

Okay so I think all Dodger fans know of the nerdy guy that sings Journey's song in the eighth inning of the games. He started singing last season and every game he is at they seem to get the camera on him while he performs and gets the fans laughing and entertained. He usually can be found in the lodge section for the most part.
That being said, I was at the game on Friday and seen him during an inning in the lodge, as the eighth inning approached to my surprise he was located in the bleacher seats in the reserved level. I was very curious as to why they moved him there, are they getting bored of him being at the same spot all the time and want to freshen up the performance like a concert show, or was it that so many fans know where he is at and get in front of the camera to get their few seconds on the jumbo tron?
Don't get me wrong he is entertaining for a good laugh, but really, and I think I said this last season, it does get boring and to watch one guy sing. I think a few other fans like to be shown on the jumbo tron and the Dodgers should do more then just move the guy from one section to other to sing a classic song played at Dodger Stadium.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Dodgers minor injuries and pitching

Unfortunately for the Dodgers their winning streak of nine games came to an end yesterday and for the most part it had to do with the struggling pitching they have. Last nights game the Dodgers brought to the mound Ramon Ortiz, who is ERA is 6.12, he has giving up 27 hits and 17 earned runs. Really Dodgers is this the best you can do for a fifth starter?
Are you really telling your fans that you can't afford a good starting rotation? granted Clayton Kershaw is coming around, John Ely hopefully is a God-send and that the others start improving, but if they don't where do we see the Dodgers coming into October?
Yes they have already made a push to keep a steady pace with San Diego and San Fransisco in the standing, but right now we have the pinkie injury of Andre Ethier and now this toe issue with Manny Ramirez, will the offense survive with them two out?

Hopefully this is something we can later laugh about, but come on Ned try and find some good pitching to go with the offense!

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

The best missed dunk every!

The NBA playoffs are under way and for some the games have been boring with not much challenge with the teams we thought would bring it. In light of that though basketball is an exciting fast pace game. Every move a player makes can be a highlight reel. Like this one by Shannon Brown, which made some people wow on what could have been.
I am a bring Laker fan but unfortunately due to work I was not able to watch the game last night and had to see this in the morning.
Brown all season long as entrained us with his solid defense and well amazing dunks too. He also was voted in to the all-star dunk contest.
Last night almost greatest dunk was missed midway through the fourth quarter by Brown. I like many other are amazed as how high and long that flight was to the
basket. He was so close
to making this the talk for years to come, well maybe it still will as they are saying to was the GREATEST MISSED DUNK EVERY!!!

Got to Love Kobe Bryant's expression

Sunday, May 16, 2010

I'm back! done with school

Hello again blogging world, it has been too long since I posted. I am now back, at least for awhile since I am out of school. Plus I need to continue my writing even though this won't be edited to perfection!
As for me I have just finished my first full year at Cal State Northridge. To say my second semester was great, well it would be a lie. Don't get me wrong it wasn't a totally disaster, and the good parts weigh out the bad, but there was something that didn't sit well with me.
Bad part- My college life I have met some great, smart, mature people and I have grown around them. This semester unfortunately I felt at times I was back in high school. It was the most uncomfortable/annoying thing I've had to face in such a long time and it almost ruined my college experience. To think that people can still act immature, be jealous, and plainly rude is sad. This was the worst part, to feel that I didn't belong in a place that was suppose to be like family and enjoyable. The workload wasn't great either, I'm disappointed in myself for not doing better in my classes, but hopefully this was a learning experience that I can get over and work on.
The good part- This was my first semester on the Daily Sundial (the newspaper on campus) It was a lot of work and times I did complain to my editor, but his patients with me and help made me a better writer. I covered a beat that I never thought I do, which was water polo and it was great and I enjoyed the experience. I met a few great people during my time on the paper and I'm happy to say I will be working with some them again next semester. My advisor as well as editor asked me back to be assistant sports editor. I don't know how well I will do and I know it is going to be a lot of work, but with the friends I made, I know we will help each other out. My friend/editor has been very helpful and encouraging even though he takes no credit in helping me be better, but he has.
I also have been interning at Fox Sports Net/Prime Ticket as a production intern and it has been great. I have learned how games and sports segments get on television. It is amazing how quickly all these people work and get exciting footage of games on TV.
I am back and now it is time for the Lakers run for another championship and the Dodgers to try and get farther into the post season.