Thursday, August 27, 2009

School n smoke!

So this week I started school at CSUN..Let me tell you it was crazy my first day, which was Tuesday, very busy for a big school. That is one thing I couldn't get over was being at such a big school now and having to see so many people. I arrived very early so I just read. My first class in mostly all seniors and girls it look like it will be a very interesting class.

Other this is with these budget cuts professors have no control over adding new students to the class. both my classes the professor could bot add it was up to the school if they can and if there is room. It is really hitting a lot of seniors who have just a class or two to graduate.

I had about three hours to kill so I went to the library to read more and then decided to look around even though it was 100 degrees I seen many booth for singing up for things and many people alone under trees trying to stay cool.

Off to my next class and it seems like it will be a bit challenging just need to take good notes and read a lot!!! I have two more classes tomorrow and hopefully they go ok. The online one was a bit confusing but luckily I'm not the only one that was confused!

Coming home this was the fire that's by Glendale.. I think it's more hot bc of these fires too...

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Think Cure and our starting pitcher

The Dodgers kicked off their Think Cure telethon yesterday to raise money for cancer research. It was the second year of the telethon that started around 9am and will last to this weekend. It is great to know how well the organization wants to help in the battle with cancer and trying to find cures for many diseases.

The game even though I didn't get to see a chuck of it was a good one. I did see Wolf hit is double to give the Dodgers the only runs they needed to win the game. OMG and Broxton actually closed the game without giving up any runs!

1pm start today

Thursday, August 13, 2009

No more Internet allowed

I'm here at work covering for a friend when one of my bosses ask if I'm on facebook. I tell her no and she said okay thats good because for now on we can't use it here at work. The email was posted that or center was on the top 20 list of misuse for the month of July. The main site used was a couple of years ago it was all about mypace, but now that facebook is popular I guess they had to stop that too. I am fortunate that I have only logged on to facebook a few times only in the last three weeks.. I have seen many more on it way before, but never said anything. well now all of us here can't use it. The funny thing is that it has in the listed in the last month that we had 5,840,000 hits on facebook now I think that is a load of *&^% because that would mean in 30 days someone would have logged on 194 times in one day really not possible with hoe many times we are not in the office LOL... oh well luckily I have it on my phone!

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

What a excited, but sad game

it was a crazy game for the Dodgers and Gaints. I like how Vin says that the rivalry between the clubs isn't how it use to be back in the day. He said he felt safer for everyone around the park, no really bad news coming out of the stadium. It was nice to see the Dodgers come out 2-out-of-3 in the series, but today with one of the greatest pitcher (Tim Lincecum) in the league starting for the Giants it looked like the Dodgers wouldn't prevail.
The 5th was a crazy inning first when a run for the Giants came through home plate and dropping Martin to the ground..then Sandoval coming up to the plate with McDonald pitcher for the Dodgers, almost hit him and he then tried going after McDonald pointing at him and gesturing to him.. Martin got crazy defending his pitcher going after Sandoval for doing that to his pitcher so the benches cleared and when everything was cleared it was okay.
The Dodgers almost came back in the 9th when Ethier hit a single that brought in Furcal...
The Dodger bullpin though blew it again when Mota gave up a two run homerun in the 10th inning.
now the Dodgers head to Arizona.. GOOD LUCK guys!!

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Dodgers WIN Clinic

This year I attended the WIN clinic by myself, but not to worry I had a friend that showed up and was in my same group. I arrived at the stadium around 845 and got checked in. I slapped on the sun screen and was ready to go warm-up.
I was introduced to a women, Judy, that was at last years event and since she came with two other friends she had no one to warm-up with so we gladly partnered up. Around 930 Charles Stienberg called everyone around to introduce Tommy Lasorda and the rest of the participants for the event. Tommy of course said a few words and Dodgers Scott Elbert, who was suppose to make his first major league start Monday, but later during the game it was announced that Weaver will start, answered a few questions as well. After that we took our group picture and the clinic was on it's way.
The event went smoothly as me and others noticed that there was less people this year, but it made the transitions at each station better. "Sweet" Lou Johnson was hilarious as always and my best performance was at the hitting station. I should have continued to play during my school years, but oh well. Bobby Castillo helped me at the pitchers mound which I didn't try last year because I was to scared.
Elbert went around at each station since Ausmus was not available because he had to start yesterdays game.

With two hours done it was ready to head to the stadium club and eat lunch and wait for Joe Torre, James Loney, Mark Loretta, and Orlando Hudson for Q & A session. My self and my friend Pat got there fast and we were able to get good seats right where the guys would sit and talk to us. The food was good I met to other women there while eating and we were talking about our Dodgers of course.
Then at 1 they introduced Jeanne Zelasko, who talked about her career and the Dodgers WIN, then it was time to hear from Dodgers CEO Jamie McCourt who is an amazing women that has brought this program to the LA community and has shown her care for all fans.

After that it was time for the men to come out. Ausmus was the first to come out and apologize for not being there at the the clinic and how he was sorry for not being able to stay for the Q&A because of an appointment. Joe and the players were next to come out and they answered everyone who had a question and told some funny stories that they have had as as club.
Loney was recently pranked on during the last day of the trading deadline, which was of course funny now, but worried him when it happened.
The were all great and after they were done Loney even stayed for an extra five minutes to take pictures with some fans.

Overall it was a great day, I even met Loney's mom after the event when we were walking out. The Dodger organization put on a great event once again!!

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Been in Vegas

Okay so I have been trying to get back o reality since coming back from Vegas Tuesday morning and let me tell you it's been hard LOL. Vegas was pretty fun clubbing late night and sleeping in all afternoon was the way to go.

Now it's back to LA being very tried I missed the craziness at the stadium Tuesday night =( I seen just a few innings but had to crash. Then to wake up and hear about the exciting game that went on that Tuesday night. It was sad though that the Dodgers had to lose last night on Manny's poster night that were pretty much gone before the game even started, luckily I got mine!

on a sad note I hate to see Kurt Rambis go and sing with the Wolves, but hopefully he doesn't and stays with the Lakers