Thursday, August 27, 2009

School n smoke!

So this week I started school at CSUN..Let me tell you it was crazy my first day, which was Tuesday, very busy for a big school. That is one thing I couldn't get over was being at such a big school now and having to see so many people. I arrived very early so I just read. My first class in mostly all seniors and girls it look like it will be a very interesting class.

Other this is with these budget cuts professors have no control over adding new students to the class. both my classes the professor could bot add it was up to the school if they can and if there is room. It is really hitting a lot of seniors who have just a class or two to graduate.

I had about three hours to kill so I went to the library to read more and then decided to look around even though it was 100 degrees I seen many booth for singing up for things and many people alone under trees trying to stay cool.

Off to my next class and it seems like it will be a bit challenging just need to take good notes and read a lot!!! I have two more classes tomorrow and hopefully they go ok. The online one was a bit confusing but luckily I'm not the only one that was confused!

Coming home this was the fire that's by Glendale.. I think it's more hot bc of these fires too...

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