Thursday, August 13, 2009

No more Internet allowed

I'm here at work covering for a friend when one of my bosses ask if I'm on facebook. I tell her no and she said okay thats good because for now on we can't use it here at work. The email was posted that or center was on the top 20 list of misuse for the month of July. The main site used was a couple of years ago it was all about mypace, but now that facebook is popular I guess they had to stop that too. I am fortunate that I have only logged on to facebook a few times only in the last three weeks.. I have seen many more on it way before, but never said anything. well now all of us here can't use it. The funny thing is that it has in the listed in the last month that we had 5,840,000 hits on facebook now I think that is a load of *&^% because that would mean in 30 days someone would have logged on 194 times in one day really not possible with hoe many times we are not in the office LOL... oh well luckily I have it on my phone!

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