Sunday, August 9, 2009

Dodgers WIN Clinic

This year I attended the WIN clinic by myself, but not to worry I had a friend that showed up and was in my same group. I arrived at the stadium around 845 and got checked in. I slapped on the sun screen and was ready to go warm-up.
I was introduced to a women, Judy, that was at last years event and since she came with two other friends she had no one to warm-up with so we gladly partnered up. Around 930 Charles Stienberg called everyone around to introduce Tommy Lasorda and the rest of the participants for the event. Tommy of course said a few words and Dodgers Scott Elbert, who was suppose to make his first major league start Monday, but later during the game it was announced that Weaver will start, answered a few questions as well. After that we took our group picture and the clinic was on it's way.
The event went smoothly as me and others noticed that there was less people this year, but it made the transitions at each station better. "Sweet" Lou Johnson was hilarious as always and my best performance was at the hitting station. I should have continued to play during my school years, but oh well. Bobby Castillo helped me at the pitchers mound which I didn't try last year because I was to scared.
Elbert went around at each station since Ausmus was not available because he had to start yesterdays game.

With two hours done it was ready to head to the stadium club and eat lunch and wait for Joe Torre, James Loney, Mark Loretta, and Orlando Hudson for Q & A session. My self and my friend Pat got there fast and we were able to get good seats right where the guys would sit and talk to us. The food was good I met to other women there while eating and we were talking about our Dodgers of course.
Then at 1 they introduced Jeanne Zelasko, who talked about her career and the Dodgers WIN, then it was time to hear from Dodgers CEO Jamie McCourt who is an amazing women that has brought this program to the LA community and has shown her care for all fans.

After that it was time for the men to come out. Ausmus was the first to come out and apologize for not being there at the the clinic and how he was sorry for not being able to stay for the Q&A because of an appointment. Joe and the players were next to come out and they answered everyone who had a question and told some funny stories that they have had as as club.
Loney was recently pranked on during the last day of the trading deadline, which was of course funny now, but worried him when it happened.
The were all great and after they were done Loney even stayed for an extra five minutes to take pictures with some fans.

Overall it was a great day, I even met Loney's mom after the event when we were walking out. The Dodger organization put on a great event once again!!


  1. can you tell us the whole deatils on loneys prank?

  2. ohh man it was soo sad well now funny.. during BP Don told Loney that Torre needed to talk to him the day of the trading Loney put his head down n said to the guys around him something in the lines of he knew he wasnt going to make it, he grabed his bat n glove and walked away with his head down to go see Joe. Joe told him how he was doing n if he knew why we was called to the office. Loney said well it must not be good. Joe responce was that Don must not be his friend.... Loney got it a few mintues later... It was funny when O-Dog was making fun on how he walked away and him being scared about being traded.

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