Thursday, July 15, 2010

Need my dose of school

Missing the long drive, finding parking, and walking into a full room of fellow students trying to get an education, and a teacher that possibly can make the day worse or bad depending on the subject.

Aaahhh school.

Yes I miss it, I have been out of school for summer vacation since the second week of May, and we are in the start of July and I want to go back already.

I have always loved school and even though the college school life has been harder, I still love it.

This coming semester is going to be a real challenge for me. I will be entering this fall as a senior, wow already crazy, and like any student I want to graduate on time.

I am feeling really inspired in doing great and learning as much as I can this last year. I will be helping out my friend/editor on the sports page for the Daily Sundial, which I hope I can really help out and learn to put out a great sports page for other students to read.

I want to be able to continue my writing and of course get better at it. I have been writing on this blog, not as much as I like to and reading different sports stories. Right now though, I feel I haven't done enough to get better.

In addition, I have this weird interest in Anthropology, my minor, yes a journalist not minoring in anything remotely related to journalism, but hey if you know me I never do the expected.

With all the budget cuts and what-not, I have been limited to 13 units for now, but starting this coming Monday I can add one more class I need. Five classes in total I will have, can I do it? I hope so!

I also want to try and take a broadcasting class at ELAC, which just opened up. You might think I'm crazy, but now is the time to see what I can accomplish and figure out what I am really good at.

This year at CSUN I have to establish and set my goal in stone on what I want to do in life, which will help my succeed in the world out side of school.

Sounds scary, but living and doing what we love is what it is all about right?

The reason we make the long trips, sit in the classes where the professor may or may not put us to sleep, and where in the end our dreams are made, isn't that the reason we go to school?

At least that's what I think and why I love it.

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Dear Summer

Hi, wow have you been busy in the sports world. We had the Los Angeles Lakers winning their 16th championship and then after that the free agency began.
We have Shannon Brown opting out of his contract to look else where, Jordan Farmar looking for other home so he can possible be a starter and Derek Fisher becoming an free agent as well.
And that's just the Lakers, we have the biggest free agent in Lebron James and if he was going to stay in his hometown of Cleavland or leave else where to try and win a championship for him self. He made his decision on live television in an hour show on ESPN where he announced he was leaving Cleavland to the Miami Heat with Dayne Wade and Chris Bosh, which both had just signed with the Heat.
Now just recently Fisher has decided to talk to Pat Riley to see about possibly signing with the Heat too, will he really leave the Lakers and become a trader to L.A. fans? well we will know soon enough.

There was the World Cup that just ended with Spain winning the first time. This was pretty crazy seeing the fans and how they get. Unfortunately I never got involved with seeing any on the games, just seeing reports on facebook and the newspaper. Congrats to you Spain.

Baseball is in full effect and now starts it's second half the end of this week.
The All-Star game is here in California and the festivities around Anaheim have been great.
Four Los Angeles Dodgers made with, Andre Ethier in his first every All-Star game will be a starter for the National League, Johnathan Broxton was named again and just making it the end of this weekend was Rafual Furcal as a reserve and Hong-Chih Kou.
After that the race will be on to who will make the post season. Right now in the American league the New York Yankees lead by two games in the East, Chicago White Sox lead only by a game and half in the Central, and the Texas Rangers are up by four and half to the Angels.
In the National League, Atlanta Braves are on a roll with a four game lead in the East, the Cincinnati Reds lead St. Louis only by one in the Central, and San Diego only leads by two with Colorado Rockies and Dodgers trailing only by two games.

There is many more things going on that will occur and unravel as the summer months fade away.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

I am not bored just want to look different sometimes

When you see me I am a quiet person that listens and really soaks in the surroundings among me. I doubt you guess all the art work and body piercings I have.
Once I became free from an ex of mine I have gone to another level in life. Not saying it was all him since that has been over for so long, but it was the start of my desire of tattoos.
Only because when I was with my ex, one thing he didn't allow me was to add to my two I had on my body already.
Now some years after I have only six (getting ready for the seventh) and added to my fascination of art is body piercing too.
I like to say once I get bored in my life I like to get a tattoo or piercing maybe even do something with my hair, but the thrill of that slight pain on my body just does something to me.
I get excited to know that my tattoo is something meaningful to me and only me and it will forever be a part of me like a child.
My parents have nothing to say about my tattoos, they actually like them. My mom has even gone with me to add one to her ankle. My father just ask where his name is on my body. Chill dad it's coming.
That tattoos I have now are just remembrance of new beginnings, family support, freedom, love for fire/red and even my love for my Dodgers with my heart always bleeding blue.
My piercing on the other hand are just ways for me to be bold like a rock that can't be hurt yet looking different as you pass it by.
I recently had my lip pierced, which I can say is cool. I have this extra attention in which I am like wow okay this is good, but how long will I have it?
As a journalist I have to interview many people and meet many too so will it be weird to be fully in a conversation when the person on the other side might be wanting to ask their own question on why I have a whole in my lip.
I am still young and living life to the fullest and can honestly say I want to experience as much as I can even it is does mean having a little pain inflicted to my body, who knows what I will be craving art or hole I will want next.