Thursday, July 15, 2010

Need my dose of school

Missing the long drive, finding parking, and walking into a full room of fellow students trying to get an education, and a teacher that possibly can make the day worse or bad depending on the subject.

Aaahhh school.

Yes I miss it, I have been out of school for summer vacation since the second week of May, and we are in the start of July and I want to go back already.

I have always loved school and even though the college school life has been harder, I still love it.

This coming semester is going to be a real challenge for me. I will be entering this fall as a senior, wow already crazy, and like any student I want to graduate on time.

I am feeling really inspired in doing great and learning as much as I can this last year. I will be helping out my friend/editor on the sports page for the Daily Sundial, which I hope I can really help out and learn to put out a great sports page for other students to read.

I want to be able to continue my writing and of course get better at it. I have been writing on this blog, not as much as I like to and reading different sports stories. Right now though, I feel I haven't done enough to get better.

In addition, I have this weird interest in Anthropology, my minor, yes a journalist not minoring in anything remotely related to journalism, but hey if you know me I never do the expected.

With all the budget cuts and what-not, I have been limited to 13 units for now, but starting this coming Monday I can add one more class I need. Five classes in total I will have, can I do it? I hope so!

I also want to try and take a broadcasting class at ELAC, which just opened up. You might think I'm crazy, but now is the time to see what I can accomplish and figure out what I am really good at.

This year at CSUN I have to establish and set my goal in stone on what I want to do in life, which will help my succeed in the world out side of school.

Sounds scary, but living and doing what we love is what it is all about right?

The reason we make the long trips, sit in the classes where the professor may or may not put us to sleep, and where in the end our dreams are made, isn't that the reason we go to school?

At least that's what I think and why I love it.


  1. Good luck. CSUN is a very good school. There's a lot of opportunities in SoCal for a writer, especially in sports.

    Great blog. Keep up the good work.

  2. awwww thank dodgerbobble!!!