Friday, August 6, 2010

Loney's signing... seems like it got crazy at end because there was so many people there

Today I woke up heading to the gym then came home to get ready to see James Loney at his signing he had in Bell.

Funny thing is I kinda got lost since I left home without the directions because, well I was excited, but I made it. wow was the line long I got there before 9am, but I had a friend in the front of the line waiting for me already.

Once again Loney was late, I would think he get use to the L.A. traffic and know to leave earlier then expected. While waiting for him I was chatting with fans that I have met and or heard of and finally got to meet them.
Finally around 12:25pm Loney's driver pulls up and parks.

The line was actually going pretty quick and as one of Loney's biggest fans I was getting nervous. I had my friend go in before me and then there he was he looked up seen me and yes recognized me and said "Hi" then I handed him my "got Loney?" shirt and the first thing he says is "Hey it's my shirt" I was like OMG (in my head) and said "yes I am getting a new one done" he said "Okay, do you want it in silver pen" I said yes and handed my sharpie to him.
Then said thank you and he said your welcome.
I LOVE HIM!! lol

I only got a few shots of him to bad we couldn't get photos with him, but with as big as that line was I'm just glad I got to see him and have a little chat with him!
I heard after when he did leave people were booing him, but hey he was suppose to sign for an hour which he did.


  1. Very cool! I wish I could have been there. I really need Loney's aoutograph on my team ball.

    I'll be at the Jonathan Broxton appearance in Burbank today.

  2. cool... yeah Loney is really nice and it is usually easy to get his autograph when at the stadium just have to go early....

    how did Brox thing go?