Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Goodbye summer 2010

wow summer time went by so fast, to say that my summer was all fun and games, would be a lie. There were moments that were bad, but I have to say the good times weighed out the bad extremely.

This summer I continued to see my Dodger family and be present on major games to see the Dodgers play, this year though I think there was less events that occurred at the stadium hmm wonder why.

I also spent time with many friends old and new, I had many adventures with them, which made summer even more memorable.

Crazy nights with my girls as well as the nights I had with my guy friends.

My Tuesday's at the summer bar I chose to go to was amazing. I don't know how we made it out alive from there =)

Old town, Saturday nights in two weekends with my sister and friend was more wild because I don't think I ever danced like that in front of family!! very fun times.

Of course there was much much more, but I am running out of time and have to get to school.

Summer 2010, bye now and I can't wait till next summer where I hope to be a graduate with my BA.

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