Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Sasha cuts his hair

Got to say Im excited about him cutting it!

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Kemp n Ethier article

I found this article very interesting so here is the link to read it..

Andre Ethier, Matt Kemp are Dodgers' dynamic duo..

L.A.'s two young stars have combined for 57 homers and 204 RBIs this season, helping Joe Torre reach playoffs for the 14th straight year. And their best may be yet to come.

His voice cracking, Joe Torre sits behind a plastic glass of champagne Saturday night pronouncing himself "the luckiest guy in the world."


Sunday, September 20, 2009

Los Angeles Sparks

Okay so I'm a big fan of sports and yes I love my boys that play, but as a female fan why isn't that I am not concerned about our female sports?

Just today the Los Angeles Sparks made it to the Western Conference finals for the second straight season. Here is a team that has gained recognition on having Lisa Leslie, who has had a great career and now it will be done after this season. Candace Parker who came into the league and has grown to a great player as well. It isn't bad that she has Leslie to look up to as a mentor and teammate.

Have I ever been to a Sparks game? no and I feel kind of bad. Here are women who love the game they play and have succeeded in getting into a such male dominate area. They have broken through so they can give other young girls dreams and goals to become who every they want to be.
They have won two championship already and have made LA other contender in a different professional sport
I have to say thanks to these women and CONGRATS!!
Good Luck the rest of the way

Saturday, September 19, 2009

I can't believe...

That the baseball season will be over soon. Just when I was praying for it to come back it is gone =(... Hopefully our Boys in Blue will be in it longer then just two weeks. It was a exciting experience to see them last year in the playoffs the atmosphere at the games was awesome. Unfortunately this playoff series I don't think I'll be making, only because of the money situation, but we will see.

What is starting next though!!!!!???? Lakers baby!! =) The only thing bad about the end of baseball seasson though it that the Lakers and Kings only play so often when with baseball you get it pretty much everday!

and hopefully the LA. Kings will improve this year. I'm hoping they have college nights again so I can make it to those games since there great seats for a great discount!

Monday, September 14, 2009

Home from San Fran

What can I say, but what a great trip I had. The Dodgers took 2-out-of-3 from the Giants and I had a blast for the first time at San Fransisco.

I left to Fresno on Friday late afternoon, which was a crazy drive only because I had never seen so many fields in my life. It only took me about 2 1/2 hours to get there and then it was time to have a little fun. My friend Hilda and I went to the Red Zone and then went to her friends house for a couple of drinks, then it was time to go to sleep.

On the road for Saturday it was fun it actually was raining on the way there it San Fran we actually had many questions about the farming that people do (still need to google that stuff) on their lands. Any who, We finally get into San Fran and going across the Bay Bridge wasn't scary at all only because I couldn't see anything because of the fog that was there. I was upset to say the least bc I wanted to see the bridge. I took a few pictures that I will upload on here later. (I'm at work right now)

We seen the piers and then went to the golden state bridge, which once again I couldn't see because of the fog..grrrr... It was then that this Indian lady cam and put her arm around me to take a picture with me..very hilarious.

Off to the hotel room to get some rest before we headed to AT&T park. Going to the stadium was a mission but nice walk..LOL...There we were with a lot of Dodger fans looking at the guys warm up and I seen my friend Oscar there and the Manny Ramirez wanna be.

I called for Loney twice and he turned and waved and was very nice of him to acknowledge who was calling him. Then it was time for the game!... Where the Dodgers had a great win over the Dodgers and Russell Martin and LONEY hit homeruns.

Sunday unfortunately the Dodgers couldn't get a win over Brad Penny, who had a great game, Martin actaully hit other homerun for the Dodger. Poor Loney got hit by the umpire but he was okay!

The dumbest thing there at the game was these stupid SF girl fans that actually were smoking out during the game. well they got kicked out which was pretty funny and then they left one of there pipes under the seat that was later found by security. LOL

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Hello people!

Ok so school and work are beating me in the butt. But this weekend I will be heading to San Fransisco for the Dodger series. I will be there on Saturday and Sunday and I'm very excited! I have never been there before so that's why I'm excited to get there and see the place. I have heard that AT&T is a nice ball park so I guess I'll see when I get there. I'll have pictures and blog about it when I get back!

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Dodger game and Fires on Monday

As I had a long day at work I headed to the Dodger game early which was pretty cool. I got my friend down close enough to see the players warm-up and she got Andre Ethiers autograph, unfortunately she was trying to get Matt Kemps autograph but he hasn't been singing for anyone lately. She was happy to be that close though so it worked out.

The Dodgers made it interesting with two homeruns and tying up the game. We had to leave early though because I had school the next day and had to sleep. The game to say the least wasn't great and went extra innings that I was not there for.

As we are driving down the 2 my friend says lets go see some of the fires. Now I live close to the fire burning in Glendale, Pasadena, and La Cresenta and this whole time of burning mountains I have not seen any of it since I haven't been driving that way. I say okay since I am a journalist and up for seeing what is going on. We head to the Foothill and get off there and drive towards the fire it was crazy.

Last year I was in Fullerton during those fires, but I didn't see it during the night, so this was very crazy seeing the actual flames in their bright red orangie color. We headed up to La Cresenta street and seen that the block right before the mountain was evacuated already. We to some footage and pictures there and then headed about 2 blocks down to Pennsylvania Ave where we were right in front of the fire.

Hearing the reaction to the locals who were looking on was sad. One women said that the fire wasn't even burning here this morning it had moved south very fast.
other women notice that there was actual wind, which scared her because that meant the fire can move very quickly anywhere.

The most amazing thing seeing was this one big flame that started to and it was very high. It moved so fast up the hill, I had never seen anything like that before.

My heart goes out to those that are losing their homes and hope this fire ends soon!