Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Baseball, pitchers needed!!!

Today we have starters, relievers, set-up-man and the closer. What happen to the days where it was just one or two that can finsh a game?
The Dodgers had a four run lead going into the 8th, Clayton Kershaw pitched a great 7innings, now tell us Joe why you took him out? I have begun to appreciate the past pitchers, who were able to pitch complete games on a daily basis.
Now baseball has a pitcher for about six/seven innings then a set-up-man for the closer in the 9th.
Dodger closer Johnathan Broxton pitched four times in five games, which is said why he blew the game on Sunday because he was tired. This is really frustrating with Major League Baseball babying their pitchers now.
Really why can't one pitcher pitch the whole game? Is the only reason really have to do with them having longer careers and not blowing out their arms?
It is now a praised reward when a pitcher has a complete game, when this was something that was always done.
Relievers are not suppose to be pitching on a day-to-day basis either, are you kidding me.
Because of this many teams rely on getting pitching that can last, but some teams like the Dodgers won't put up the money for a good one even thought they need it. Is it that worry some for a club to pay for a pitcher that may or may not pitch to their standards?
Young pitchers like Tim Lincecum or a Kershaw have potential to pitch a complete game.
Clubs should try to see what their pitchers can do before they take them out.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

debating to stay!!

I recently passed the upper division writing exam at CSUN and I am very happy because that is one less thing to worry about at school. Registration for the fall just started and I’m stressing on if I am going to get the classes I need. It sucks not to know if I will have a set schedule that will be flexible enough for work. I think I paid my dues by closing and working weekends. The whole budget cuts probably will affect me this semester with the school cutting class section for me to graduate on time.
That’s annoying, I just received a letter that my graduation check is done and I am a senior, yet my goal to graduate next spring 11 might not happen unless I take more units. I am capable to do this, but the decision to stay on the paper at CSUN is now an even bigger question mark. I’m already debating on staying, but now if I have to take more classes I need time to focus on them. The paper took a lot of my time last semester and hence I got two C, the first time in 3 years, it was sad. I felt a great disappointment in myself all those years and being in the Deans Honor role gone just like that. I told myself I will do better this semester, but will I?
This time around I might just have to cut my hours at work, this means working more hours this summer, and balancing my time with friends and enjoying a vacation might be slim. Uh this is going to be haunting me until I register for my classes, which is in two weeks.
Other than that life seems to be taking a new direction or at least I hope it is. Well I am watching the Dodger game I will write more on my change tomorrow.
Bye for now……

Friday, June 18, 2010

World Champion Lakers!

Waking up this morning and knowing the Los Angeles Lakers are once again champions stops that mouth watering feeling in Laker fans months after wanting this all season long.
Yesterday as my friends and I left to watch the game in downtown our original plan didn't work with the sports bar filled to capacity at 4pm. My friend lucky found a spot right next to L.A. Live where we stayed to watch the whole game.
The section we were in was the most loudest in the restaurant while people were lined up right outside watching the one television in the place. The atmosphere felt as if we were inside staples center cheering on the home team, chatting of "defense, defense" and "lets go Lakers."
For the most part I was quiet and just focused on what in front of me, the Lakers offensive rebounding keeping them in the game and Kobe Bryant struggling in the first half. Then the second half when the Lakers came back from being down 13 points everyone was going crazy.
The bartender had to yell at a few fans and warn them that she will kick them out, during timeouts the guys next to us were jugging beers, and fans outside were hitting the window. That final 3:20 minutes were heart wrenching.
The Lakers won their 16 championship title and over their hated Boston Celtics what a sweet ending.
Outside was a site I didn't think I get to see, I seen what goes on usually on TV but this year being in the mix was a whole different experience. Stepping outside cops were already lined up in the street not allowing fans to go to staples center. Everyone jumping up and down, screaming, and pushing ever which way.
Fires being lit, cars and building getting vandalized its crazy all this going on and everyone with their smart phones and cameras recording it. The news says it wasn't that bad as past years, with just one car being put on fire and not many arrest.
All-in-all it was great night with the Lakers winning back-to-back once again.

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Not so sunny in L.A

Here we are in June and the almost half way through the baseball season and one-to-two games away for the basketball season to end.
The Dodgers got swept by their cross town rivalries the Anaheim Angles and even though some will say the Angles showed the Dodgers who really is the L.A. team, come on really the Angles started as a minor league team and now are all the way in the OC not L.A.
I can't believe their owner is trying to justify them being an L.A. team too.
Anyway the Dodgers lost big on Friday with a 10-1 loss, Saturday they lost 4-2 and today they went was short of a come back losing 5-4.
Hopefully they bounce back and start winning again on the road, which starts on Tuesday.
Andre Ethier since being back hasn't done anything, but it's not only him the offense left over 16 men in scoring position during this three game series.
Okay enough about that lets go on to the Lakers, who just lost game 5 to the Boston Celtics 92-86.
The Lakers are now in a very must win situation on Tuesday or they can kiss their season good bye and hand over another championship to the Celtics.
Today's game the Celtics again dominated and the Lakers offense didn't show up at all.
Kobe Bryant once again was the only one doing anything and not other starter or the bench stepped up.
Game 6 is on the line now will the Lakers come out and be the team everyone knows they can be? or just let the game go let the Celtics walk off in glory?

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Freeway series is upon us..Dodgers keeping it in the family!

Starting tomorrow the Dodgers will play host to their interleague rivals from the Southland the Anaheim Angels, not Los Angels team because we all know there is just one L.A. team. The Dodgers as of now have the best record in the National league.
Pitching in the three game series, the Dodgers will start two rookies.
The series starts Friday with Chad Billingsley (6-3) who will face Joel Pineiro (4-6). On Saturday, Angels lefty Scott Kazmir opposes John Ely, and on Sunday the Angels send Jered Weaver against rookie Carlos Monasterios.
The Dodgers split the series last season with the Angels and overall are 33-41 in the series and are 20-17 at Dodger Stadium.
Lets hope the Dodgers can pull off some wins with the cross town team.
**Note the Dodgers daft Dre's younger brother Devon Ethier.
Andre Ethier's opposite makes Dodgers' 2010 draft a family affair