Wednesday, January 25, 2012


As a writer I have an opportunity to tell others stories. I can listen to someone for hours just to recieve the right inofrmation or even listen to a friend in need.

What some don't get is that is my job and when they start asking me questions they wonder why I'm quiet. I listen and only speak when there is something new to ask or know. It is harder for me to be open when I'm the seeker of stories.

Yes, there is those times I want to speak up an tell my stories and vent hours on end. I think social media has allowed this to happen more often then not, but I stop to think who wants to hear it? this isn't important for people/friends to know. I want to vent right now, but I hold back as much as I can to not post a status on FB or a tweet.

As a reporter I need to be more professional. I can't be like some of these young teens posting about everything they do and for safety reason I can't do that too!... As much as I want to write down and tell someone a story or two about me, I won't and stick to what I know how to do.