Thursday, February 26, 2009

grrrrr MANNY

Refuses latest offer by Dodgers.. just when we all thought he was going to sign. He says no... Honestly what does this guy want?!?!?!

Is he going to sign?!

The latest is that Colletti and McCourt have giving another offer to Mannys' agent for 2 years 45 million dollars, that was the lastest of being reported!... man the waiting game is getting lame.. Come On MANNY!!!!!!

Clippers stun Cletics

OMG really the Clippers??? They beat the defending champion Celtics yesterday at Staple Center 93-91.. by two points.. WOW I'm hearing they played close to how the Lakers have been playing. The Clippers actually came out to play hard and didn't give up.. seriously people are trying to say because they didn't have Garnett PLEASE he isn't the team and the Clippers have had tons of injuries...How embarrassing really one of the worst teams and they lose to them...LOL

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Wooo hoooo

My Dodger ticket package came in the mail today. As soon as I seen the envelope I knew it was them!!!! so excited

Football player at ELAC going to Utah

Ok so here is my last semester story on a football player at my school.. He recently got a scholarship to Utah were he will play football and continue his quest on becoming an NFL star. .. warn you this isn't the edited version taht was in the paper so there might be some grammer errors! lol

For Antoine Smithson sports has been a part of his life since he was six years old.
It also has made him what he is today, a respectful person, a leader, and a man who doesn’t give up on anything.
Hopefully, one day these qualities will lead him to the next step of playing in the National Football League.
Smithson grew up in Baltimore, Maryland and life there wasn’t easy.
He is the second oldest out of eight children.
He has battled to stay out of trouble to make his life better.
Playing sports, especially football has made him think of life in different ways.
When receiving the opportunity to leave Maryland, he took it.
But before he left, he made sure his name was implanted in the minds of those he left.
While in Maryland at Fredrick Douglass high school, he played every sport from baseball, basketball, and football.
He wasn’t able to play his first two years of high school football because of injuries, but he would play his last two years there and become an all-star player.
It was in high school when he basketball coach, Rodney Coffield, became his mentor. Coffield was an instant impact on Smithson’s life.
“It was him, who made sure I wasn’t messing up in school. He was like another father to me,” said Smithson.
During his high school years, he was also on a summer basketball traveling team, the AAU. During these travels, he played in states such as Texas, Indiana, North Carolina, New York, and DC.
His senior year proved to be his best season in football.
At the homecoming game he scored six touchdowns, two touchdowns shy from his brothers record of eight in a game.
The coaches took him out in the third quarter, because the team had made playoffs and they didn’t want to chance him getting hurt.
The same year he joined the all-star team, and without practicing with the team due to basketball season, he was in the starting roster and was Co-MVP.
In the end, football would be the only sport Smithson would continue to play.
After the passing of his grandmother, he lost his interest in baseball
He knew he wouldn’t go far with basketball because of his height and small frame at the time.
Smithson knew he had to leave and prove he can be better.
“ A lot of kids don’t come out of Maryland, but with playing football I did,” Smithson said.
It was when one of his cousins Quinton Garrus, who was playing at Pierce College, that allowed Smithson to decide to come to California in search of his dream to continue playing football and getting an education.
Coming to California wasn’t a hard transition for Smithson, because he came with two of his cousins who were also searching of the same opportunity.
Now they all attend and play sports for ELAC, Devon Redd, Quinton Garrus, and Antonio Slater.
After the recruiter for Pierce College left to come to ELAC, Smithson and his cousins stayed loyal and followed him here.
Now living right behind the field he plays on everyday, Smithson is getting the opportunity to better his life by staying in school and playing the game that brought him this far.
“Football has been a big part of my life.” Smithson said “I have related it to many life situation.
“With playing football you don’t give up and it’s the same thing with life, you cant give up on it.”
Playing at ELAC his freshmen year, Smithson was a impact from the start.
He became one of the captains, and the first two games of the season he scored four touchdowns as a receiver and had close to 500 yards.
The season ended with him having 1,300 all-purpose yards and 12 touchdowns.
Coming into his sophomore year as a returner, Smithson knew he had to come in as a more of a leader to the players.
He again is a starter playing running back, special teams, punt return, and kick return, and he is still one of the captains.
Knowing that at the moment the team has gone 0-15 record with no wins from his first year to this year, Smithson stays positive.
“Being a leader on this team I have to motivate my team and not let them give up. I have to push myself even harder when I’m on the field and show the team they need to have heart and play all 60 minutes,” said Smithson.
As for this season in the last five games, Smithson has 34 receptions, 563 yards as a receiver, 787 all-purpose yards and three touchdowns.
Smithson is ranked second in the state for receiving.
Not only has football helped him academically, but it also brings hope that his younger siblings will follow his lead, and make their lives better.
Smithson said, “My sisters and brothers motivate me everyday. They are always on my mind.”
He wants them to get out of the Baltimore and see what is out in the world, and for them to reach for their goals.
For Smithson he has accomplished what many probably thought he wouldn’t.
He is here now and making a name for himself in California and while doing so he hopes to go to a four-year university with a scholarship and major in accounting or business.
He has already been approached by the University of Colorado, Organ and Kansas State, by the time he is finished here Smithson will have the keys to success and hopes of one day playing for the NFL.

Friday, February 20, 2009

Hudson a new Dodger

Orlando Hudson has signed a one-year contract worth 3.4 million plus incentives. This comes as the free agents are ready to sign and get their spring training workouts in. Now I'm sure the questions is where does he go being other infielder. Of course he would take Blake DeWitts spot that he was going to have at second with Kent being gone, but now Hudson in the picture might take that away from DeWitt if they resign Manny.
If Manny isn't signed they can move Casey Blake to right field and DeWitt to third, but if Manny does sign and Hudson stays healthy DeWitt might be forced to go the the minors and get playing time there.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Loney rock the vote

Just found this and though it was sooo cute.. well being a huge LONEY fan!

Who will lead this club?

With the veterans gone this season it is time for the young guys to step up and take charge of the speaking in the clubhouse. Those expected to make their voices heard are Martin, Ethier, Loney, Kemp. I really believe that Ethier and Martin will step up to the challenge of speaking to their teammates. Lets see who will do it if Manny doesn't come back.

Here is the LA Times link to story

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Lakers win in Golden State trade Mihm

The Lakers looked to be struggle on rebounds today, but manage to come back and win the Warriors 129-121. They place was packed and the Laker fans were out in full force even. Chanting MVP as Kobe made some great blocks and assit to keep the Lakers in the game and then finally they tool the lead.

** After this weeks scuff with Dj Mbenga the Lakers today traded Chris Mihm to the Grizzles for a daft pick. not to say that was the reason for the trade, but Mihm hasn't been getting much playing time ever since he got hurt and I think it was time for him to finally go and get some playing time somewhere else

By Mihm and Good Luck

Freeway face off

Ok I know thast really is a dumb name, but hey it was made by a Duck fan. Anyway the Kings beat the Ducks today in a great game 4-3. When it looked like the Ducks where coming back the Kings kept their composure and played great defense to win the game at Honda Center for the first time in seven recent tries.
They Kings and Ducks have been a rival since the Ducks came into the NHL, it isn't as big as the Angel Dodger rival, but it will get there

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

I can play better then you

Ok so yesterday the Lakers came back from their deserved rest and went back to work. During the practice though teammates DJ Mbenga and Chris Mihm got into it after DJ kind of elbowed Chirs in the face. here is the video.. pretty funny

Monday, February 16, 2009

Pierre ready to play

Last season Pierre had to seat the bench most of the season, something he was not costumed to the previous seasons. With the Dodgers adding Jones to their line-up last season that was the first time the Pierre had to endure seating on the bench and not feeling that he was contributing to the club.

Then while Jones was in a big slump Pierre got the job back and fans all over Dodger Stadium were excited and happy that he was back, but then came the arrival of MannyWood..

Once again Pierre had to ride the bench.

He had asked for a trade at the end of this past season, but the Dodgers have elected to keep him because of the possibility of Manny not coming back.

Pierre is the first player to get to the stadium and the first one out when he plays.

So it is no surprise he is one of the position players that have come early to start working out this spring training

Yes I know I am a Manny fan and grateful for the contribution he made for the team, but he isn't the only one that made a difference this season. Like Tommy said recently he is tried of hearing that they need Manny to win and go far.

He has said that the team does not revolve around one person the team is all 25 man roster!

I do hope he gets more playing time and if not the trade him so he does get the playing time he needs

They share something

Kobe and Shaq share the MVP of the NBA all star game. For both of them it is their third one.
The game really had no disappointments, well for the East maybe as they were blow out by the score of 146-119.
Kobe and Shaq did play together and in the game Kobe had 27 pts while in 11 minutes Shaq had 17.
After the game Shaq was in more of an exciting mood knowing that this might be the last All Star game he plays in and playing with Kobe brought back good old memories for the two of them.
Kobe even let Shaq take the trophy first so his sons can see it.
Now that their fued is over they can go on their lives as freinds and one of the great duos in NBA history

Sunday, February 15, 2009

awwww Spring training is here!!!!

Ok so I've been waiting for this moment for about what ummm four month LOL and yes it was a long four months but hey I have my Lakers and Kings to watch but not as much as watching and participating in Dodger Baseball!!!

Catchers and Pitchers reported for spring training in Gelndale AZ this past Saturday and the rest of the crew will be there on Tuesday.

Some of course aren't waiting till Tuesday and are already there too.

The Dodgers did have a slight scare even before spring training started when Russell Martin (HAPPY BIRTHDAY RUSS!!!!!) strained a ligament on Monday, but the MRI showed that every thing was fine with our all star catcher!!!

We are still awaiting on Manny to sign and get into the spring training mode with the other guys! come on already and sign him.. You know us fans are waiting to hear that he has signed before the purchase tickets. really do they think we are that dumb?

Other news that is annoying me though is Ethier having to go to arbitration to get a fair share of money this coming season. come on they can sign Broxton and not come to any terms with Andre.

This guy led the team in most offensive categories and they are having a hard time with signing him. I'm sorry I know Russell is an all start and all, but come on Ethier worked his ass off last season and he plans on continuing that this season.

Even though this arbitration is going on. Ethier deserves the money!!!

Kobe and Shaq together again!

Ok so not totally together on the same team, but they will be playing with each other again this evening at the all star game that starts at 5pm. After much drama when Shaq left the Lakers and continue his drama this will be a, hopefully mellow day.
Kobe and Shaq will lace up to play for the western conference game coach by non other then the man who took them to the finals Phil Jackson.
Could this really be the last time this duo is put together?

I think so even with Shaq stated that the past few years drama was just an act and saying how Kobe is the best player in the league and Phil was a great coach.

Many reports suggest that Shaq is doing it so maybe he can be traded back to LA, but there is no way that can happen the Lakers have a core team that gets along and everyone is happy

besides Kobe has his other teammate Pau Gasol to bass in glory with!!!

Friday, February 13, 2009

Strike out already

The Dodgers and White Sox report to camp tomorrow in the anticipation of the new facility, but who will be there to see them play?
The LA Times today here is the story if you haven't read it, but is stating with the economy going down many fans and sponsors aren't buying tickets or certain areas of the facility to advertise,0,4046054.story

The Dodgers, who have recently moved their spring training facility closer to home so that more fans can come out to support, haven't been having luck in season tickets for spring training.
It is sad, but what can we do if we don't know when our next check will be coming from now.
I still am hoping to get down there for a game or two, but I have a place to stay if I get a chance to make it there, which lowers my cost for going.
It is nice to hear the newest Dodger back on board Randy Wolf wanting them to cut the prices at least for the tickets so more fans can make it out to the games of their choice.
This will always be the question at hand though, which is the rising prices of tickets, the La Times also has an article on that and how you can find tickets elsewhere for hopefully a fair bargain.
What some don't understand though is the growing number of those that stay home and watch games other then going to the stadium or arena.
To make a profit and stay competitive they have to raise the prices! =(

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Lakers lose

Hey they are human you know!.. can't win them all, but the Lakers go into the all star break with the best record of the league. Phil Jackson will be coaching the western league and be joined by Kobe and Pua ob the trip to AZ.. they wont play their next game till Tuesday.....

Kings vs Calagary

Game is still on and the Kings trail only by one.. damn the Flames goalie is awesome!!!
The young Kings team is though is playing with aggression and doing well about getting in front of the net, but nothing seems to be going on for the Kings =(
I haven't seen them play this good in a very long time.. If they lose this game they shouldn't feel bad at all because they have been playing good defense and getting in the Flames zone and making them work!
If the Flames do win the only goal will be by ex King and once my favorite Micheal Cammalleri

Update so the Kings lost so sad!! but hell of a game boys.. they should be proud and go into Saturdays game with confidence

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Rodmanovic gone

The Lakerss made a deal yesterday before the Feb 19th trade deadline. Traded Valdi Rodmanovic to the Bobcats for 2006 3rd overall daft pick Adam Morrison and 2006 first round pick Shannon Brown. Valdi had a starting spot when the season started but then lost it to Luke Walton and with Trevor Ariza coming off the bench with a lot of minutes it didn't look good for Valdi. It kinda sad to see him go, but then again he hopefully will get playing time there in Charlotte

Good Luck to you Valdi

Lakers vs Cavs in a few minutes!

Friday, February 6, 2009

Wolf agrees to one year deal

Welcome back Wolf. The Dodgers and free agent Randy Wolf agreed a little while ago on a one year 5 million plus incentives. Wolf was 12-12 last season with San Diego and Houston. Wolf will come in at a good time to help in the middle of the Dodger rotation that has a group of young pitchers.
Wolf who was with the team on 06-07 suffered a elbow injury that didn't allow him to pitch that season and then left the club after that.
I hope he will contribute to the Dodger Pitcher since is looks like that is a main part of getting us where we were last season and a big bat... Come on Manny!

Kings win the Capitals 5-4

Los Angeles had other team playing last night and that was the KINGS, who had a great exciting game last night as well. with 15 second into the game the Kings allowed the Caps to score. after that the defense came through and the Kings came out a little stronger in the first but trailed in first by one.
By the second half the Lakers game was on so I had to switch back and forth to both games, to my suprise the Kings had a lead of 4-2 in the second. Anze Kopitar had two goals in the game and the Kings scored a goal on a four-on-three power play and added a short handed goal as well. The Kings have won the thier last five out of six games.
The Capitals who are leading their league knew they were a better team, but to the Kings they have not had it easy as they probably thought. Goalie Jonathan Quick had 22 saves in the third period alone. He has really came up big for the Kings who have needed a everyday starting goaltender. It was annouced yesterday as well that the Kings are the youngest team in the NHL.

I think this will just be a better chance of these young team to get better and hopefully the fans can be patient enough to wait and see where this team can go in a few years. I do wish it was sooner, but this might take time.

The Pictures are out!...

Why the face Pierce?!?!?! .....................................................................courtesy of LA Times.

The point, man what was little Rondo thinking? I really wonder what Kobe told him.. a little man don't you know who I am? lol

Over Pierce 3 pointer!

After game!!!

Here are some of the pictures from last nights Lakers game. Great win, but we still have a ways to go. Anyone can win in these types of games. Luckly it was the Lakers turn and without Bynum, who sadly had to watch from home in LA.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Lakers WIN in OT

Great game by the Lakers it had to go in Overtime!!! through the game though both teams had tun rovers and were capitalizing on those chances. Again from the start of the game the fans started chanting BEAT LA........ It was close most of the time. Fisher and Farmer where getting into foul trouble way to soon though. Then tension came over the teams when Rondo of the Celtics pushed Kobe and then Kobe pointed at him saying some things, both were called for double technicals, which Boston holds the highest this season.

after Odom and Garnett got into it. I must say it was exciting.

Though the Lakers free throw shooting sucked during most of the game they kept it close.

They were down by one by half time, but once led by eight points. In the game of Basketball though things change so fast. It wasn't till the fourth quarter that the Lakers finally took a lead in the game. Garnett fouled out of the game leaving Bostons offense a little weary.

The game actually came down to free throws from Odem as he made both giving the Lakers the lead by one point in OT.

I told you in the post before that Odem and Gasol had to step up their game and I know Gasol did especially at the end! then blocking Allen lawt shot of the game and giving the LAKERS the victory!

Now with the Lakers having the best record in the league and winning the Celtics if there has to be a tie breaker in the end for home court the Lakers will get it!!!!

One more road game for the Lakers on Sunday before they come home

Now this though things that happen in the season usually doesn't matter in the playoffs

Lakers vs Celtics... and side note

The Celtics host the Lakers tonight in Boston. Could this be a preview of the finals??? well the Lakers winning last night by playing better in the second half. They go into Boston with a 39-9 record while the Celtics are 41-9.
The Lakers have to play without the Bynum though, who last Saturday tore his MCL in his right knee when Kobe fell on him. even though Kobe felt bad, bc of how well Bynum had been playing, he knows that the team can still play without him and make the playoffs. It will be great once Bynum gets back, but can the Lakers defense hold off the strong Celtics?
Gasol and Odem are going to have to step up as starters and the bench of the Lakers will have to preform to their best capability Ariza is healthy and provides strong D all around the court, Farmar, who has just come back from his surgery, can come out and give Fisher the rest he needs, and of course my man Sasha needs to step up his defense and of course we all know he will be shooting if he gets the ball.
all in all they need to help out Kobe!
Celtic fans will be in full affect and yelling and screaming the famous chant BEAT LA!
GOOD LUCK LAKERS.. I'll be here watching!

side note** the Dodgers end their Caravan this Saturday when they send off the van of equipment to spring training. the fans were going to be allowed to watch as it leaves, but i just called Dodger stadium a little while ago and they told me it was now cancelled and only media was going to be allowed to film the van leave**

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Caravan..L.A. Live

Well yesterday I was at the Dodger caravan. I got there about 845am expecting a big crowd like the year past, but to my surprise not a lot of people were there. I was the sixth person there. So then the guy that set up the boards telling us who will be where everyone that was there wanted line B I guess bc of Fernando (cant stand the man) so lucky for me Andre Ethier and Blake DeWitt where in Line A and I stayed there. I was the third person.

Here is Dre signing my poster
Going to these events it's nice to see other fans I have met from pervious events or games. to my surprise the women that was in back of me chatting it up when her husband came I knew him...(what a small world) so we sat down and waited. most of the time I was reading my book which was about Jackie Robinson. ** It is my third book in five weeks that I have read on the Dodgers and I plan on finishing it my Sunday b4 school starts** ok back to the event.

I really thought there would have been more people there. a lot of the people I spoke with were surprised at the turnout maybe it's b/c of the economy now, people need to be at work so they don't lose it!!..

Finally they about 3pm there started setting up the stage and tables and they moved us up to the very start of the line. I was lucky to be very close to the stage. those that showed up around that time till 5 actually got wrist bands to get autographs, which again was very weird seeing that the crowd was very small.

Finally though the bus came those there started screaming, news crews taking it all in, and then they walked past us to the stage. It was so exciting knowing that baseball is just around the corner.