Friday, February 13, 2009

Strike out already

The Dodgers and White Sox report to camp tomorrow in the anticipation of the new facility, but who will be there to see them play?
The LA Times today here is the story if you haven't read it, but is stating with the economy going down many fans and sponsors aren't buying tickets or certain areas of the facility to advertise,0,4046054.story

The Dodgers, who have recently moved their spring training facility closer to home so that more fans can come out to support, haven't been having luck in season tickets for spring training.
It is sad, but what can we do if we don't know when our next check will be coming from now.
I still am hoping to get down there for a game or two, but I have a place to stay if I get a chance to make it there, which lowers my cost for going.
It is nice to hear the newest Dodger back on board Randy Wolf wanting them to cut the prices at least for the tickets so more fans can make it out to the games of their choice.
This will always be the question at hand though, which is the rising prices of tickets, the La Times also has an article on that and how you can find tickets elsewhere for hopefully a fair bargain.
What some don't understand though is the growing number of those that stay home and watch games other then going to the stadium or arena.
To make a profit and stay competitive they have to raise the prices! =(

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