Monday, February 16, 2009

Pierre ready to play

Last season Pierre had to seat the bench most of the season, something he was not costumed to the previous seasons. With the Dodgers adding Jones to their line-up last season that was the first time the Pierre had to endure seating on the bench and not feeling that he was contributing to the club.

Then while Jones was in a big slump Pierre got the job back and fans all over Dodger Stadium were excited and happy that he was back, but then came the arrival of MannyWood..

Once again Pierre had to ride the bench.

He had asked for a trade at the end of this past season, but the Dodgers have elected to keep him because of the possibility of Manny not coming back.

Pierre is the first player to get to the stadium and the first one out when he plays.

So it is no surprise he is one of the position players that have come early to start working out this spring training

Yes I know I am a Manny fan and grateful for the contribution he made for the team, but he isn't the only one that made a difference this season. Like Tommy said recently he is tried of hearing that they need Manny to win and go far.

He has said that the team does not revolve around one person the team is all 25 man roster!

I do hope he gets more playing time and if not the trade him so he does get the playing time he needs

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