Thursday, February 5, 2009

Lakers vs Celtics... and side note

The Celtics host the Lakers tonight in Boston. Could this be a preview of the finals??? well the Lakers winning last night by playing better in the second half. They go into Boston with a 39-9 record while the Celtics are 41-9.
The Lakers have to play without the Bynum though, who last Saturday tore his MCL in his right knee when Kobe fell on him. even though Kobe felt bad, bc of how well Bynum had been playing, he knows that the team can still play without him and make the playoffs. It will be great once Bynum gets back, but can the Lakers defense hold off the strong Celtics?
Gasol and Odem are going to have to step up as starters and the bench of the Lakers will have to preform to their best capability Ariza is healthy and provides strong D all around the court, Farmar, who has just come back from his surgery, can come out and give Fisher the rest he needs, and of course my man Sasha needs to step up his defense and of course we all know he will be shooting if he gets the ball.
all in all they need to help out Kobe!
Celtic fans will be in full affect and yelling and screaming the famous chant BEAT LA!
GOOD LUCK LAKERS.. I'll be here watching!

side note** the Dodgers end their Caravan this Saturday when they send off the van of equipment to spring training. the fans were going to be allowed to watch as it leaves, but i just called Dodger stadium a little while ago and they told me it was now cancelled and only media was going to be allowed to film the van leave**


  1. God I hope they win. Nothing would give me more pleasure than to see Paul Pierce cry. (Maybe that was a bit too mean...)

  2. ahahahh or BIG CRY BABY DAVIS CRY!!! they are such drama