Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Lakers win in Golden State trade Mihm

The Lakers looked to be struggle on rebounds today, but manage to come back and win the Warriors 129-121. They place was packed and the Laker fans were out in full force even. Chanting MVP as Kobe made some great blocks and assit to keep the Lakers in the game and then finally they tool the lead.

** After this weeks scuff with Dj Mbenga the Lakers today traded Chris Mihm to the Grizzles for a daft pick. not to say that was the reason for the trade, but Mihm hasn't been getting much playing time ever since he got hurt and I think it was time for him to finally go and get some playing time somewhere else

By Mihm and Good Luck


  1. Bye Mihm. My sister loved him. She got so sad when she found out he left.