Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Caravan..L.A. Live

Well yesterday I was at the Dodger caravan. I got there about 845am expecting a big crowd like the year past, but to my surprise not a lot of people were there. I was the sixth person there. So then the guy that set up the boards telling us who will be where everyone that was there wanted line B I guess bc of Fernando (cant stand the man) so lucky for me Andre Ethier and Blake DeWitt where in Line A and I stayed there. I was the third person.

Here is Dre signing my poster
Going to these events it's nice to see other fans I have met from pervious events or games. to my surprise the women that was in back of me chatting it up when her husband came I knew him...(what a small world) so we sat down and waited. most of the time I was reading my book which was about Jackie Robinson. ** It is my third book in five weeks that I have read on the Dodgers and I plan on finishing it my Sunday b4 school starts** ok back to the event.

I really thought there would have been more people there. a lot of the people I spoke with were surprised at the turnout maybe it's b/c of the economy now, people need to be at work so they don't lose it!!..

Finally they about 3pm there started setting up the stage and tables and they moved us up to the very start of the line. I was lucky to be very close to the stage. those that showed up around that time till 5 actually got wrist bands to get autographs, which again was very weird seeing that the crowd was very small.

Finally though the bus came those there started screaming, news crews taking it all in, and then they walked past us to the stage. It was so exciting knowing that baseball is just around the corner.


  1. Great post, more pictures though. I'm a very visual person LOL

  2. I know what you mean. That's exactly how it is when I go see bands. I always run into other fans that I've met at other shows.

  3. LOL we did recognize you, and at first weren't sure if you remembered us. It was great seeing you! You're welcome (about the picture). I brought extras this time around.

  4. Ok Eric bext time ill show more pictures!! also i need to proof read b4 i post LOL

  5. Ohh Jackie I know right it's nice to see familar faces you know... it makes it better

  6. as you write more and more you'll get better at it. I'm at a point where proof reading isn't that crucial anymore lol :-)