Friday, January 16, 2009

Sanchez to go Pro

Ok so yesterday Mark Sanchez of USC let the media know that he will be letting him self be eligible for the the NFL draft this coming season. Many might be surprised at this because really who thinks this kid is ready for the NFL. He is coming off one of his best games in the Rose Bowl game, but a lot of the previous games he didn't do to well. As many of you might have read Pete Carroll didn't look to happy about the decision that Sanchez made.
He never sat next to him during the press conference and when speaking after the announcement never sat down, but stood with palms on the table.

we can all see that Carroll doesn't think this is the right decision for his quarterback, who is only a Junior.
This brings up all these start athletes who would per fer to have their pro lives start and stop going to school and finish their degrees. Now I love sports, but really how long can some of these guys last when playing a sports and not have a back up when the sport they love no longer can accommodate them.

I'm not bashing on Sanchez because he is not the only one who has done this. Many of them leave to become great and super stars of today in the public eye. Unfortunately sometimes they can't cut it or suffer a injury that does not allow them to be the same every.
after this happens they become stars of the past or on where are they now. I truly believe many of them need to continue their education so they have their backup plans set if the Pros don't work out for them.

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