Monday, May 23, 2011

Chapter 2 closed

Walking into Cal State Northridge just two summers ago I didn't know what to expect. I had finally made it to a place in which my dreams were suppose to blossom and grow, well they did.

The end to receiving my B.A. at CSUN is tomorrow, I just can't believe it is finally here. Some of you know it has taken while for me to get here.

I have always loved school and every chance I got I was there, summer, winter and regular session. Heading into college and a single mom I didn't think I get this far. I had to take on two, sometimes three, jobs while taking very few classes in order to be there for my child.

With the support from my family, especially my mom and dad, I had full support of receiving my higher education and still while working I was able to start taking a full-time role in school.

My time at East Los Angeles Community College change my life for the better. My advisor added a mass communication class on my schedule and while taking it I fell in love with what the news offered.

Jean Stapleton, the ELAC Campus news publisher, was the teacher and she soon pushed me to be on staff. Shortly after taking the first news paper class I became sports editor and my journey as writer came together.

I was about to finish school satisfied with only my AA, but my advisor once again, said "You are almost done and I'm putting you down as a transfer student" so here I was starting my second chapter of my life finding a four-year college to go to.

CSUN admitted me and I began my journalism career. My first semester was a breeze and by spring of 2010 I was on staff as a sports writer and interning with Fox Sports West as a production assistant. My writing only became better with the help of Melissa Lalum and my editor Gilberto Manzano.

The time I had in the newsroom at CSUN was crazy, exciting, professional, fun, exhausting and overall awesome. In the newsroom I met some inspirational people, who I will hold close to my heart always and forever. They were there for me as I was there for them, supporting each other through classes and life's everyday drama.

These last 16 weeks I met more people outside the newsroom that have touched my life in a certain way or another, to my beat the CSUN women's water polo team (which I did not know anything about), CSUN basketball team that had a good season and some skilled players to watch and meet, the media relations department (Bob V. and our weekly visits to talk about life and sports) to those in my classes that were nice and made my classes more enjoyable.

I went through CSUN as a student, staff writer, assistant sports editor to sports editor. This journey of two years has come to an end and quickly. I can go on, but I will end it here.

I now will shut the pages to this chapter of my life in order to start a new one after tomorrow.

With that to be continued...

Monday, May 16, 2011

Wow it is finally over

After three semester on the Daily Sundial at Cal State Northridge I am finally done. I published my last sports page on Thursday May 12th and it came out today. It was pretty emotional seeing the last page as sports editor being exported to the printer. Today I seen the final result and also published the last stuff online (other then two stories my senior writer said he wants to put up).

As much as I was stressed this year and completely over the paper, because of all the other load of classes and stuff I had, I am going to miss all of it. The people I met through the three years on the paper made my college life at CSUN worth it. I couldn't have gone a day with out the many friends I made through these years. I have to thank everyone that gave me the opportunity and support of doing something I love and that's write and photograph sports.

This semester was a lot of work as sports editor, but with so much to do I think I did a good job. I wish I had more time to use more of the ideas I had, unfortunately I couldn't.

I do love that fact I had the chance to take more photos of games. I believe over the season I got better in capturing some great moments at the CSUN men's basketball games, water polo and the Big West Tournament at the Honda Center.

My life was centered around the Sundial and it was like a real job. It was also a family, dysfunctional at times, but we all got along for the most part and had some great times. I will miss you all and hope that whatever the future brings to you will be a AWESOME one.

Up next graduation on Tuesday!!!!! =) wow I made it

Saturday, May 7, 2011

How bout that Dre

Quick write up before I head back to work. Just have to say wow to Andre Either, who has been on a 30 game hitting streak. I am proud of him, but I don't think he is going to break the record of 56 by Joe DiMaggio. It is a nice ride though for him and the Dodgers, who have been caught up in the news since Opening Day.

With some new ownership hopefully the Dodgers will turn around its season and have a better year this time around.

Two more weeks of school!!!!!!