Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Dodger prices are going up!

Well in a few section for mini plan holders that is. They will only be going up $3 dollars for top deck, pavilion and reserved level. Every other section is the same. It has not yet been announced if the single game tickets for the season will be risen too. The Dugout seats when up way more then they are now!! Full story is at the Latimes

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Clippers can't do anything right

The Los Angeles Clippers broadcaster (Ralph Lawler and Michael Smith)were pulled off the air last night and suspended the rest of the game when they repeatedly mispronounced "Iran" for Memphis Grizzlies Hames Haddadi.
FSN was on alert and pulled both Lawler and Smith off the air.
This is the type of thing that hurt broadcasters and when something is on live air you have to be careful guys!
They later apoligized for their remarks

Photo by Joe Murphy

Friday, November 20, 2009

The wait is over

While New Moon finally hit L.A. last night and can I just say it was great! and it suck to the book very well. My mother and I got to the theater at 430 to wait in line. I felt like I was at a Dodger autograph signing LOL it was a very long night. It was amazing to see all the fans out there to support something that they were in love with. Even though some teens were annoying (damn was I like that?) any way I skimmed through the book before we got in just to refresh the memory. I got us some good seats since we were there for so long in the cold.

Don't worry I won't spoil anything I'm just sharing thoughts and how it went last night and how great the movie was. Once the movie came on and we seen the first glimpse of Edward (Robert Pattison) it was real, the long await was over. Even though Jacob (Taylor Lautner) body was HOTTT he still kinda looked funny with the long locks, but once they cut the hair OMG totally hottness!!! =)
I liked that they stayed close to the book it made it better in knowing what was coming next and how everything evolved as well.
I had some moments of weakeness where I thought I might cry, but I held it in! It is a great love story and the action was great too!

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Say "Hi" to trees not just hug them!

Wild trees, colorful mushrooms and bloody neck unicorns are just some of the fun art work that Tina Rodas makes in her Hitree studio in Highland Park located on Ave 50.
Rodas left her home in Jacksonville, Fla. and headed west to L.A. "The energy out here was so creative. Many people are making art and have more opportunities here to do what they want." she said.
In 2007 when she was at home with her young daughter that she decided to sew and try to make something.
Rodas had the sewing machine for awhile, but never really knew what her style was. When she took it out she thought of one subject that she liked, trees.
"I was very determined to make a tree and I did."
Her first art piece was a cypress tree made out of felt and from there she has refined how they look.
In 2008 Rodas stumbled across the Etsy website that allows you to sell products online, while she searching on the Net.
While starting her business she already had a name in mind for it. "My daughter was always saying, "Hi" to trees so I thought that would be a great name." And that was the beginning of Hitree.
Once she posted her art pieces, they took off. Within a week she had many people ordering her work.

Rodas had only 15-20 items on her site to sell. "I was still trying to refine my style." Now she has gone up to roughly 50 items. Her work consist of pillows, earrings, key chains, rings, tote bags, hair pins and more.
With the growing of her art and business, Rodas needed a new place for her work.
Then she found a room in the Ave 50 Studio for rent in a Arroyo Secco newsletter and moved her work in January of 2009.
At the studio Sonia Romero, who paints, says compared to her work Rodas art is "Great, accessible and it is functional and usable." she said. "People can feel the artwork."
Kathy Gallegos owner of Ave 50 Studio says Rodas art work is "a different art, hers is a craft. and that it how she expresses herself."
One day while talking to each other Gallegos mentioned her leaf collection and then Rodas thought of a new idea of making the leaf earrings. "Her leaf earrings are one of her top selling items" Gallegos said.
Rodas also credits her old sketches that she drew to get new ideas. "The hardest part is trying to make the subject three dimensional."
Rodas has many great ideas ahead. Her goal now is to have a larger scale of her handmade art work so people can see and appreciate her artwork.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Lucky Luc!!

Congrats to former King and now business partner for being inducted into the Hall of Fame yesterday! It was great seeing such a great player and man getting something that he deserves. The Kings have this story about the event. The Los Angeles Times have also recognized his accomplishment.