Friday, November 20, 2009

The wait is over

While New Moon finally hit L.A. last night and can I just say it was great! and it suck to the book very well. My mother and I got to the theater at 430 to wait in line. I felt like I was at a Dodger autograph signing LOL it was a very long night. It was amazing to see all the fans out there to support something that they were in love with. Even though some teens were annoying (damn was I like that?) any way I skimmed through the book before we got in just to refresh the memory. I got us some good seats since we were there for so long in the cold.

Don't worry I won't spoil anything I'm just sharing thoughts and how it went last night and how great the movie was. Once the movie came on and we seen the first glimpse of Edward (Robert Pattison) it was real, the long await was over. Even though Jacob (Taylor Lautner) body was HOTTT he still kinda looked funny with the long locks, but once they cut the hair OMG totally hottness!!! =)
I liked that they stayed close to the book it made it better in knowing what was coming next and how everything evolved as well.
I had some moments of weakeness where I thought I might cry, but I held it in! It is a great love story and the action was great too!

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