Friday, November 30, 2012

Me and Lord Stanley..and other news

Hey friends and fellow bloggers

Yes I am still alive and well. :) I have been ridiculously busy with grad school. I know the story of my life right? I must admit though, while school is kicking my ass, I am enjoying life!

Today guess what I did? well I finally seen Lord Stanley at L.A. Live today. I kept missing chances to go and see it and this time I wasn't going to let anything stop me. I had my homework done and was ready for my photo with it.

I was in complete awe when it was there, I am not going to lie I was even sweating like if some cute guy was waiting for me across the hall. My heart was racing and I just wanted to stay next to it. It was amazing to see all those names on the Cup and realize this life long sports symbol has so many stories that people will never know.

The reason I love the game of hockey is partly because of the Stanley Cup. There is nothing worth seeing
than a team, like my L.A. Kings, hoisting it up in celebration with teammates and family.

I can now say I touch and took a photo with Lord Stanley :)

Other news....
Since September life seems to be going good to me. I have good health, family and friends who are supporting me like crazy. I might have had too much fun on the weekends, but with three weeks of school left I am staying in doors to study and resting. I had some great opportunities too: interning with the Big West Conference, working with the athletic department at school and blogging for ESPN during the DIRECTV Classic. Pretty sweet uh? alright I better get going, my work is never done, but I hope to write a little more soon!