Monday, April 23, 2012

LA Kings!!!

Hey folks, I know I know it has been forever since I have touch the keypad to write on my blog. Goes to show obtaining a masters is a lot of work. Also when working three part-time jobs.

Anyway, I had to step in here for a quick second and say how proud and excited I am as a Kings fan that they made the second round. First time since 2001 to be exact. We, some fans, knew this team was special and going to get better as time went on. We went through tough times and the media stated how young the team was a few years ago. Most of us know that statement last only for about two years then its "okay where is this team going?"

With not much scoring the beginning of the season the team hired a new coach in Darryl Sutter. Now the team is in the second round after defeating the No.1 seed Vancouver Canucks. What a great feeling for it to be in  OT too when the team lost a few good ones in extra play this season.

Now it is on to the St Luis Blues.. Good Luck Boys.. We Love L.A.