Thursday, June 30, 2011

Summer time blues for NBA

As the NBA just had its draft, making families proud and players reaching their dreams. The NBA announced today they will be locking out players for the up coming 2011-12 season.

I think its sad that this big organizations have to be fighting over money. The owners and players make so much money it is kinda of ridiculous they want more of it. The NFL just locked their players too, will there be sports to watch this coming fall other the college ball?!?!

At least college is entertaining most of the time, we all will have to sit and wait now.

Sunday, June 26, 2011

New owner for the Dodgers and emptiness in the stadium

As the week closes down most of us Dodger fans and media are awaiting what will Frank McCourt do on June 30th. Many don't think he will make the payroll since Bud Selig denied the Fox deal.

As a fan I want McCourt out, I don't like to go to the stadium and look at all the empty seats. It really is sad.

This Friday was the most I seen Dodger Stadium filled in a long time, even employees were in shock and found it weird to see fans in the seats.

Really McCourt, just sell the team and let fans come back and support the team. Of course there are the loyal fans that are there no matter what, like me, but still breaking the attendance record mostly every year for the team needs to come back.

What was more sad to see was Saturday's photo day being empty. Since I was a young girl I have attended this event every year. It is a chance for fans to see the players up close and if you're lucky enough you can take a photo with them if they stop.

The very first one I went to, Mike Piazza stopped (my favorite all-time Dodger) and took a photo with me, he even handed my camera to the security guard take our photo.

Yesterday my goal was to get a photo with Don Mattingly and James Loney, which I got, but at a different location, instead of entering the field I went to my seats. This event allows fans to enter the field and wait for the players. It usually is packed with fans pushing and shoving just to reach the front of the fence they have around the field so they can get the photos they need.

Well, this was not the case this year. There was so many holes around the fence that the fans that were out there can breath and stretch as they pleased. It was a surprise to all my friends I was with because we had never seen it like that.

Lets hope that changes as this Thursday comes soon. #GoBlue

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Happy Fathers Day

Happy Fathers Day to all the dads out there, who no matter what their children do they are there for them all the time. To pick their children up when they fall and to wipe their tears when they are hurt.

I thank God for giving me such a loving caring father, without my dad I wouldn't be here today and doing what I love. He has guiding me through life telling me stories of teams and players in the sports world. My dad has taken me to all my first sporting events and has passed his love of sports onto me. Writing , photographing, talking, videotaping sports is all because of him.

Thank you dad, even though I may have had some faults you have never turned your back on me and have guided me through my life. I would not be the caring loving person I am today if it were not for you and I definitely would not be working in sports if it weren't for you.

And I missing half of fathers day because I am working at the L.A. Spark game today.

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Grad school, Sparks and my Dodgers

Entering the summer has been going, well a little bumpy. I recently received notice that I have been accepted to grad school this coming fall at Cal State Northridge, believe me I am happy and proud that all my hard work has paid off.

I made preparations already with my advisor on classes to take and now I will be waiting for my first day of school the end of August.

In other news, my internship with the Los Angeles Sparks is going well. I am writing some previews, feature stories and quote taking at games. The team of interns are awesome and I know I will have new friends for a long time. Just within the first game of us working together, we know we are a team and we shared many laughs already.

hmmm sports wise well I just watched the last NBA championship and CONGRATS to Dallas, glad to see the Lakers didn't lose to just a mediocre team. Weird how their celebration was though, shock of winning for them must have been lingering.

I am hoping to get more involved in my Boys in Blue, I feel I have been neglecting them since I was in school, well that has to end. The few games I attended though, wow, what a change in the stadium. It is really sad to see Blue Heaven with no fan support with what happened on opening day =(. Well I will be there and hopefully the team will pull off a good season and the fans will come back to see the Dodgers succeed.

Friday, June 3, 2011

Just noting

Hi all
Well it has been a little more then one week since I ended my journey at CSUN. I have been some what busy, but still the thought of having time on my hands seems kinda of scary.

I recently stared my internship with the Los Angeles Sparks. The day after graduation was their first preseason game, which I attended and it went well. I had the opportunity to sit in the press conference room to take quotes and I felt like I was made for the job even though I wasn't asking question.

My first shift in the office was Wednesday and my first assignment was to write a preview for the Sparks home opener, talk about jumping in. I did the best of I could and that night the article was on the website, of course with a little added information from my boss, but all-in-all I wrote and I know I can get better the more I do it.

next up is the home opener tonight. It is going to be a long day =)