Sunday, June 26, 2011

New owner for the Dodgers and emptiness in the stadium

As the week closes down most of us Dodger fans and media are awaiting what will Frank McCourt do on June 30th. Many don't think he will make the payroll since Bud Selig denied the Fox deal.

As a fan I want McCourt out, I don't like to go to the stadium and look at all the empty seats. It really is sad.

This Friday was the most I seen Dodger Stadium filled in a long time, even employees were in shock and found it weird to see fans in the seats.

Really McCourt, just sell the team and let fans come back and support the team. Of course there are the loyal fans that are there no matter what, like me, but still breaking the attendance record mostly every year for the team needs to come back.

What was more sad to see was Saturday's photo day being empty. Since I was a young girl I have attended this event every year. It is a chance for fans to see the players up close and if you're lucky enough you can take a photo with them if they stop.

The very first one I went to, Mike Piazza stopped (my favorite all-time Dodger) and took a photo with me, he even handed my camera to the security guard take our photo.

Yesterday my goal was to get a photo with Don Mattingly and James Loney, which I got, but at a different location, instead of entering the field I went to my seats. This event allows fans to enter the field and wait for the players. It usually is packed with fans pushing and shoving just to reach the front of the fence they have around the field so they can get the photos they need.

Well, this was not the case this year. There was so many holes around the fence that the fans that were out there can breath and stretch as they pleased. It was a surprise to all my friends I was with because we had never seen it like that.

Lets hope that changes as this Thursday comes soon. #GoBlue


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