Sunday, June 12, 2011

Grad school, Sparks and my Dodgers

Entering the summer has been going, well a little bumpy. I recently received notice that I have been accepted to grad school this coming fall at Cal State Northridge, believe me I am happy and proud that all my hard work has paid off.

I made preparations already with my advisor on classes to take and now I will be waiting for my first day of school the end of August.

In other news, my internship with the Los Angeles Sparks is going well. I am writing some previews, feature stories and quote taking at games. The team of interns are awesome and I know I will have new friends for a long time. Just within the first game of us working together, we know we are a team and we shared many laughs already.

hmmm sports wise well I just watched the last NBA championship and CONGRATS to Dallas, glad to see the Lakers didn't lose to just a mediocre team. Weird how their celebration was though, shock of winning for them must have been lingering.

I am hoping to get more involved in my Boys in Blue, I feel I have been neglecting them since I was in school, well that has to end. The few games I attended though, wow, what a change in the stadium. It is really sad to see Blue Heaven with no fan support with what happened on opening day =(. Well I will be there and hopefully the team will pull off a good season and the fans will come back to see the Dodgers succeed.

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