Sunday, February 15, 2009

awwww Spring training is here!!!!

Ok so I've been waiting for this moment for about what ummm four month LOL and yes it was a long four months but hey I have my Lakers and Kings to watch but not as much as watching and participating in Dodger Baseball!!!

Catchers and Pitchers reported for spring training in Gelndale AZ this past Saturday and the rest of the crew will be there on Tuesday.

Some of course aren't waiting till Tuesday and are already there too.

The Dodgers did have a slight scare even before spring training started when Russell Martin (HAPPY BIRTHDAY RUSS!!!!!) strained a ligament on Monday, but the MRI showed that every thing was fine with our all star catcher!!!

We are still awaiting on Manny to sign and get into the spring training mode with the other guys! come on already and sign him.. You know us fans are waiting to hear that he has signed before the purchase tickets. really do they think we are that dumb?

Other news that is annoying me though is Ethier having to go to arbitration to get a fair share of money this coming season. come on they can sign Broxton and not come to any terms with Andre.

This guy led the team in most offensive categories and they are having a hard time with signing him. I'm sorry I know Russell is an all start and all, but come on Ethier worked his ass off last season and he plans on continuing that this season.

Even though this arbitration is going on. Ethier deserves the money!!!

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