Thursday, February 5, 2009

Lakers WIN in OT

Great game by the Lakers it had to go in Overtime!!! through the game though both teams had tun rovers and were capitalizing on those chances. Again from the start of the game the fans started chanting BEAT LA........ It was close most of the time. Fisher and Farmer where getting into foul trouble way to soon though. Then tension came over the teams when Rondo of the Celtics pushed Kobe and then Kobe pointed at him saying some things, both were called for double technicals, which Boston holds the highest this season.

after Odom and Garnett got into it. I must say it was exciting.

Though the Lakers free throw shooting sucked during most of the game they kept it close.

They were down by one by half time, but once led by eight points. In the game of Basketball though things change so fast. It wasn't till the fourth quarter that the Lakers finally took a lead in the game. Garnett fouled out of the game leaving Bostons offense a little weary.

The game actually came down to free throws from Odem as he made both giving the Lakers the lead by one point in OT.

I told you in the post before that Odem and Gasol had to step up their game and I know Gasol did especially at the end! then blocking Allen lawt shot of the game and giving the LAKERS the victory!

Now with the Lakers having the best record in the league and winning the Celtics if there has to be a tie breaker in the end for home court the Lakers will get it!!!!

One more road game for the Lakers on Sunday before they come home

Now this though things that happen in the season usually doesn't matter in the playoffs


  1. Ahh, it's great isn't it?! Too bad I didn't get to see Pierce crying though =-/

  2. OMG u need to see the LA Times picture they have on the front page with Pirece and Kobe gaurding him.. His face is so Hillarious!

  3. I saw it! Well it wasn't crying, but it was better than nothing. I just loved the look on Ray Allen's face when he missed his last-second shot thanks to Gasol. That was great too =-D