Friday, February 6, 2009

Kings win the Capitals 5-4

Los Angeles had other team playing last night and that was the KINGS, who had a great exciting game last night as well. with 15 second into the game the Kings allowed the Caps to score. after that the defense came through and the Kings came out a little stronger in the first but trailed in first by one.
By the second half the Lakers game was on so I had to switch back and forth to both games, to my suprise the Kings had a lead of 4-2 in the second. Anze Kopitar had two goals in the game and the Kings scored a goal on a four-on-three power play and added a short handed goal as well. The Kings have won the thier last five out of six games.
The Capitals who are leading their league knew they were a better team, but to the Kings they have not had it easy as they probably thought. Goalie Jonathan Quick had 22 saves in the third period alone. He has really came up big for the Kings who have needed a everyday starting goaltender. It was annouced yesterday as well that the Kings are the youngest team in the NHL.

I think this will just be a better chance of these young team to get better and hopefully the fans can be patient enough to wait and see where this team can go in a few years. I do wish it was sooner, but this might take time.

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