Tuesday, June 22, 2010

debating to stay!!

I recently passed the upper division writing exam at CSUN and I am very happy because that is one less thing to worry about at school. Registration for the fall just started and I’m stressing on if I am going to get the classes I need. It sucks not to know if I will have a set schedule that will be flexible enough for work. I think I paid my dues by closing and working weekends. The whole budget cuts probably will affect me this semester with the school cutting class section for me to graduate on time.
That’s annoying, I just received a letter that my graduation check is done and I am a senior, yet my goal to graduate next spring 11 might not happen unless I take more units. I am capable to do this, but the decision to stay on the paper at CSUN is now an even bigger question mark. I’m already debating on staying, but now if I have to take more classes I need time to focus on them. The paper took a lot of my time last semester and hence I got two C, the first time in 3 years, it was sad. I felt a great disappointment in myself all those years and being in the Deans Honor role gone just like that. I told myself I will do better this semester, but will I?
This time around I might just have to cut my hours at work, this means working more hours this summer, and balancing my time with friends and enjoying a vacation might be slim. Uh this is going to be haunting me until I register for my classes, which is in two weeks.
Other than that life seems to be taking a new direction or at least I hope it is. Well I am watching the Dodger game I will write more on my change tomorrow.
Bye for now……

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