Sunday, June 13, 2010

Not so sunny in L.A

Here we are in June and the almost half way through the baseball season and one-to-two games away for the basketball season to end.
The Dodgers got swept by their cross town rivalries the Anaheim Angles and even though some will say the Angles showed the Dodgers who really is the L.A. team, come on really the Angles started as a minor league team and now are all the way in the OC not L.A.
I can't believe their owner is trying to justify them being an L.A. team too.
Anyway the Dodgers lost big on Friday with a 10-1 loss, Saturday they lost 4-2 and today they went was short of a come back losing 5-4.
Hopefully they bounce back and start winning again on the road, which starts on Tuesday.
Andre Ethier since being back hasn't done anything, but it's not only him the offense left over 16 men in scoring position during this three game series.
Okay enough about that lets go on to the Lakers, who just lost game 5 to the Boston Celtics 92-86.
The Lakers are now in a very must win situation on Tuesday or they can kiss their season good bye and hand over another championship to the Celtics.
Today's game the Celtics again dominated and the Lakers offense didn't show up at all.
Kobe Bryant once again was the only one doing anything and not other starter or the bench stepped up.
Game 6 is on the line now will the Lakers come out and be the team everyone knows they can be? or just let the game go let the Celtics walk off in glory?

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