Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Baseball, pitchers needed!!!

Today we have starters, relievers, set-up-man and the closer. What happen to the days where it was just one or two that can finsh a game?
The Dodgers had a four run lead going into the 8th, Clayton Kershaw pitched a great 7innings, now tell us Joe why you took him out? I have begun to appreciate the past pitchers, who were able to pitch complete games on a daily basis.
Now baseball has a pitcher for about six/seven innings then a set-up-man for the closer in the 9th.
Dodger closer Johnathan Broxton pitched four times in five games, which is said why he blew the game on Sunday because he was tired. This is really frustrating with Major League Baseball babying their pitchers now.
Really why can't one pitcher pitch the whole game? Is the only reason really have to do with them having longer careers and not blowing out their arms?
It is now a praised reward when a pitcher has a complete game, when this was something that was always done.
Relievers are not suppose to be pitching on a day-to-day basis either, are you kidding me.
Because of this many teams rely on getting pitching that can last, but some teams like the Dodgers won't put up the money for a good one even thought they need it. Is it that worry some for a club to pay for a pitcher that may or may not pitch to their standards?
Young pitchers like Tim Lincecum or a Kershaw have potential to pitch a complete game.
Clubs should try to see what their pitchers can do before they take them out.

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