Friday, June 18, 2010

World Champion Lakers!

Waking up this morning and knowing the Los Angeles Lakers are once again champions stops that mouth watering feeling in Laker fans months after wanting this all season long.
Yesterday as my friends and I left to watch the game in downtown our original plan didn't work with the sports bar filled to capacity at 4pm. My friend lucky found a spot right next to L.A. Live where we stayed to watch the whole game.
The section we were in was the most loudest in the restaurant while people were lined up right outside watching the one television in the place. The atmosphere felt as if we were inside staples center cheering on the home team, chatting of "defense, defense" and "lets go Lakers."
For the most part I was quiet and just focused on what in front of me, the Lakers offensive rebounding keeping them in the game and Kobe Bryant struggling in the first half. Then the second half when the Lakers came back from being down 13 points everyone was going crazy.
The bartender had to yell at a few fans and warn them that she will kick them out, during timeouts the guys next to us were jugging beers, and fans outside were hitting the window. That final 3:20 minutes were heart wrenching.
The Lakers won their 16 championship title and over their hated Boston Celtics what a sweet ending.
Outside was a site I didn't think I get to see, I seen what goes on usually on TV but this year being in the mix was a whole different experience. Stepping outside cops were already lined up in the street not allowing fans to go to staples center. Everyone jumping up and down, screaming, and pushing ever which way.
Fires being lit, cars and building getting vandalized its crazy all this going on and everyone with their smart phones and cameras recording it. The news says it wasn't that bad as past years, with just one car being put on fire and not many arrest.
All-in-all it was great night with the Lakers winning back-to-back once again.

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