Sunday, September 20, 2009

Los Angeles Sparks

Okay so I'm a big fan of sports and yes I love my boys that play, but as a female fan why isn't that I am not concerned about our female sports?

Just today the Los Angeles Sparks made it to the Western Conference finals for the second straight season. Here is a team that has gained recognition on having Lisa Leslie, who has had a great career and now it will be done after this season. Candace Parker who came into the league and has grown to a great player as well. It isn't bad that she has Leslie to look up to as a mentor and teammate.

Have I ever been to a Sparks game? no and I feel kind of bad. Here are women who love the game they play and have succeeded in getting into a such male dominate area. They have broken through so they can give other young girls dreams and goals to become who every they want to be.
They have won two championship already and have made LA other contender in a different professional sport
I have to say thanks to these women and CONGRATS!!
Good Luck the rest of the way

1 comment:

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