Sunday, July 11, 2010

Dear Summer

Hi, wow have you been busy in the sports world. We had the Los Angeles Lakers winning their 16th championship and then after that the free agency began.
We have Shannon Brown opting out of his contract to look else where, Jordan Farmar looking for other home so he can possible be a starter and Derek Fisher becoming an free agent as well.
And that's just the Lakers, we have the biggest free agent in Lebron James and if he was going to stay in his hometown of Cleavland or leave else where to try and win a championship for him self. He made his decision on live television in an hour show on ESPN where he announced he was leaving Cleavland to the Miami Heat with Dayne Wade and Chris Bosh, which both had just signed with the Heat.
Now just recently Fisher has decided to talk to Pat Riley to see about possibly signing with the Heat too, will he really leave the Lakers and become a trader to L.A. fans? well we will know soon enough.

There was the World Cup that just ended with Spain winning the first time. This was pretty crazy seeing the fans and how they get. Unfortunately I never got involved with seeing any on the games, just seeing reports on facebook and the newspaper. Congrats to you Spain.

Baseball is in full effect and now starts it's second half the end of this week.
The All-Star game is here in California and the festivities around Anaheim have been great.
Four Los Angeles Dodgers made with, Andre Ethier in his first every All-Star game will be a starter for the National League, Johnathan Broxton was named again and just making it the end of this weekend was Rafual Furcal as a reserve and Hong-Chih Kou.
After that the race will be on to who will make the post season. Right now in the American league the New York Yankees lead by two games in the East, Chicago White Sox lead only by a game and half in the Central, and the Texas Rangers are up by four and half to the Angels.
In the National League, Atlanta Braves are on a roll with a four game lead in the East, the Cincinnati Reds lead St. Louis only by one in the Central, and San Diego only leads by two with Colorado Rockies and Dodgers trailing only by two games.

There is many more things going on that will occur and unravel as the summer months fade away.

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